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Address: BrewDog Firenze Via Faenza, 21r - firenze

Date: Friday 17 February 22:00 - 00:30


The "Vacantze" are Alessandro Gambassi (Solki, Topsy The Great, Funny Noise) and Emanuele Ravalli (Hermes, Topsy The Great, Just Dogs): songs in Italian from the air desperately happy and punk allucinatamente, played with folk guitars for a total 18 strings and a voice.


The noise of the chopper Topsy The Great thumbnail songwriting in dazed, thin acoustic way. Alessandro Gambassi and Emanuele Ravalli share as well, outlining memories and melancholy than craft colors. Slacker voice and strings that can be immediately vivid interweaving around by little, ordinary and bizarre images flash, Nunzia Arci and Shelley Queen of umbrellas, melodies gently battistiane and citations of 883. Thirteen songs that would have liked to Kurt Cobain unplugged, they imagine the Italian song in the hands of the Meat Puppets. At first they seem a small thing, almost demo, but then heating capture the hearts, especially Waterfall and Maniaperte. A folk grunge by the attitude of the souls who dream of being anywhere else. (7) (Elena Raugei, "The Wild Bunch" n. 748, November 2016)

The feminine noun "holiday" means a suspension of activity, work or study, often related to special occasions or holidays; interruption of normal activity for a period of several days in order to "rest, relaxation, leisure". Etymologically it derives from "vacant", from the Latin Vacans -antis, p. pres. of vacare, 'be free': free of charge or office holder, unoccupied, free and therefore available to be served by others.

The Vacantze name combines the two meanings because this project was born:

A. interruption of the ordinary activities of the noise-punk band Topsy The Great;
B. from the review in acoustic version robustly (6-string folk guitar / 12-string folk guitar / vocals) of some tracks of lo-fi 'styeryna project, pre-existing but no performer holder, then available to be played, in the role of 'execution, by others.

The purpose of "rest, relaxation, leisure," explains the lack of any reference web and social: it requires the persons concerned, a highly imaginative effort of transposition (from lo-fi to acoustic) by the natives songs not used on the soundcloud the aforementioned 'styeryna :

The concept of temporary, or periodicity, intrinsic to the "vacation" and the state "vacant" is reflected, with unknown effects to date, even in Vacantze project: care of those concerned will be fully live in the moment of its existence.

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