book "Do not judge your neighbor's wife"

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Address: Cafe1926 Bistrot - Cucina, Rum ed Eventi Via Giovan Battista Niccolini 30R, Florence

Date: Friday 17 February 18:30 - 19:45


There are probably people who would give anything to be able to speak as Giorgio Kashian. It does not take much to understand: it will be enough to browse the front pages. What we'll have to be prepared, however, it is its partial exit from the scene when they leave talking Hector. Who is it? Hector is, or rather was, a murderess. Homosexual as George, with whom he had just enough time to weave a brief relationship, he killed his victims in very specific situations and with equally specific criteria. For George, the memoirs of Hector constitute the material they publish the second book. For us, however, will be the basis on which to build new refl ections on the concept of justice, sorrow and love. Not a bad start, "is not it"?
Philip Poderini

#Presentazione Of #libro "Do not judge your neighbor's wife" of #FilippoPoderini to Cafe1926 Bistrot - Kitchen, Rum and Events

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