Beyond the Garden [indie rock] Live

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Address: Camelot 3.0 Via Santo Stefano 20/22, Prato

Date: Friday 17 February 22:00 - 00:00


/// FRIDAY February 17 hours 22
Beyond The Garden in concert at Camelot 3.0
Via Santo Stefano 20, Prato

The Beyond The Garden, a group born in Florence in October 2011, almost by accident, in the classroom, decided to own the essence of that postulate. A metaphor of how the absence of preconceptions, purity of mind, attention to the little things and clean, selfless and uncontaminated affection might allow us to go further, to step over the narrow perimeter of the garden at home and break down the mental barriers.

Rock Contest winners announced by Controradio in 2014, in May 2015 are inserted with an interview in the book "Florence plays" Elisa Giobbi, a search to discover the Florentine music scene, from its origins to its present, while in March 2016 are among the 100 winners of the competition groups Toscana100 band, which had more than seven hundred nominations.

Initially, the main intention of the band was to combine the rhythmic indie rock with sparkling sounds of electronic music. Over time the group has developed a musical style more personal, characterized by mystical atmospheres, sometimes icy, sometimes frantic.

On November 10, it was released Bonfire, their first album, a concept album, preceded by the single CY F. Ten songs whose main threads are: nature, natural, silence. It is the story of fear, of conscience and escape, is the description of a great cosmic cycle in which human life serves as a beautiful nebula. The story of a boy who runs away from a previous company and integrates in an isolated tribe, recreating without realizing the company and the patterns to which he had decided to run away and beginning to take an authoritarian control of the tribe.
Life is a state of mind, the Beyond the Garden is a state of mind; as well as every little uncertainty that makes the interesting and unique life.

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