Gigi Riva - The fatal 2017: Europe after Trump - Pecci Centre

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Address: Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci Viale della Repubblica, 277

Date: Thursday 23 February 18:00 - 20:00


Gigi Riva
The fatal 2017: Europe after Trump
Thursday, February 23, 2017 18:00 h
Free admission
The coming to power of Donald Trump has partially renovated old fears that we had removed. Russia comes close to the United States, breaking with Mexico. Britain out of Europe, which reconnects with Africa. And Australia? Become a Chinese megacolonia.
Walls, new barriers and the spread of populism in Europe and beyond. What's going on in the old continent? What can we do? We'll talk with Gigi Riva, a columnist for the Espresso group, with reference to what is happening in the Balkans, an area that has been and continues to be a social laboratory, of which we never hear enough and Riva knows from experience direct.

Gigi Riva is a columnist for the Espresso group. He wrote two essays on the Balkans: "Yugoslavia the New Middle Ages" (1992 Mursia Marco Ventura); "The UN has died in Sarajevo" (Basic Books 1995 Zlatko Dizdarevic) and an essay on Israel-Palestine: "The Wailing" (Utet walls De Agostini, 2006). In 2016 his novel "The last rigor of Faruk" (sellers) was also released in France under the title Le Dernier Pénalty and won the award for best foreign work assigned by the Association des écrivains sportifs. He wrote the story and screenplay for "The Game bag" (1997, directed by Maurizio Zaccaro); "Buenos Aires-Sarajevo" (1999, directed by Marco Bechis); "Nema problema" (2004, directed by Giancarlo Bocchi) and "The smile of the head" (2011, directed by Marco Bechis).

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