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Address: Cinecittà Firenze via Pisana 576, Florence

Date: Tuesday 21 February 20:30 - 22:30


Dust to dust, water water. The body of a newborn is about 85% water. As we age, we lose up to 50% of our weight. In other words, people, growing up, "dry".

In the perfect circle, the characters drink, watching the rain, and try not to think about death, as when they close their eyes and let themselves be carried away by the music, or the wind.

On the hills of Reggio Emilia, to the Madonna House dell'Uliveto, Ivano and Meris they try to grab every spark of life in the time that is given to them, surrounded by their loved ones. They do not want to surrender to the disease and do not want to go gentle into that "good night", to quote the poet Dylan Thomas.

The Perfect Circle intertwines two love stories and the possibility of finding the meaning of life when you're about to die. Although, in the water cycle, no one ever goes forever. The camera observes closely the protagonists, with respect and without violating their dignity. Only their dosed black humor brings us to the hardness of the inevitability of life and death.

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