Astronomer's suite # 2

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Address: L'appartamento Via dei Giraldi, 11

Date: Saturday 18 February 21:00 - 23:30


Saturday, February 18th we are waiting in the apartment with a very special concert. The pianist Stefano Maurizi sound accompanied by space images astrophysicist Paolo Tozzi.
A trip to the roots of the common language of knowledge, to rediscover the unity of the scientific and humanistic thought.
----------------------- CONCERT INCREDIBLE! ;) --------------------

Astronomer's suite # 2

Stefano Maurizi, piano

Paolo Tozzi, director
Stefano Maurizi continues its musical journey in piano solo in the dialogue between the impromptu composition and the technical aspects of astronomical images, through analysis and synthesis steps which alternate as in scientific research.

The music of the Maurizi piano is flanked by intermediate astronomical images, introduced and deepened by astronomer Paolo Tozzi, which he creates and uses in his scientific research, or pictures made by contemporary artists such as Thomas Ruff or the Florentine Folco Salani .

We wait many !!!

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