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Address: L'appartamento Via dei Giraldi, 11

Date: Friday 17 February 20:30 - 23:00


The apartment is honored to host the Swiss poet Lattmann Silvana, who will present his latest book published at the age of 98 years ... The author will attend the presentation that will be introduced by Lorenzo Bastida.
||| LIFE AND TRAVEL JL Burckhardt ||||
|||||||||||||||||||| A meeting with the nineteenth Islam |||||||||||||||||||||||
The October 18, 1817 died in Cairo Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss citizen, born in 1784. They attend the funeral Europeans, Arabs, Turks, Christians and Muslims. With the name of Sheik Ibrahim, an Arab dress and with a perfect knowledge of the language of the country, he explored Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Nubia, Arabia, unearthing ancient antiquities, including the city of Petra and the temple of Abu Simbel . The book, based on letters and writings of Burckhardt, with antique images, traces the life, the difficulties and successes of this young man, putting under our eyes a world of two hundred years ago still full of charm. The reconstruction of Silvana Lattmann has the flavor of adventure stories, rendered with historical accuracy and narrative vivacity.
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Silvana Abruzzese Lattmann, originally from Naples, since 1954 is a Swiss citizen and lives in Zurich. Among his literary works include: Fifteen poems, in the mirror Almanac, edited by Mark Strong, Mondadori, Milan 1978; The stories of Ariano, Vallecchi, Florence 1980; Fissure, Casagrande, Bellinzona 1985; Deianira, ibid, 1997; Malakut, Under the Pesce d'Oro, Milan 1996; Dating, Italian and English text with tables Alina Kalczyn'ska, Libri Scheiwiller, Milan 1998; From solstice to equinox. I love diary, with a note of Maria Antonietta Grignani, Slug, Novara 2001; Unattended distances. poetic diary, there 2008; Brungasse 8, therein 2011. He has published articles and poems of Italian and Swiss magazines.

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