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Address: Via Pascoli, 5 , Scandicci

Date: Sunday 19 February 2017


Written by
Massimo Bonechi
Andrea Anastasio and Thomas Carovani
Massimo Bonechi

"Traveling with Rodari" is a collaboration between the group ILIV THEATRE and the actor-director Massimo Bonechi, which together have transformed some of the most beautiful and imaginative stories of Gianni Rodari in a musical tale. This light and brilliant show lends itself to education to listening to sounds and learning the characteristics of different melodies by children and young people, because the narrative is integrated with the musical description, which makes even more drop their listeners in the atmosphere of the story and highlights the situation described in the text. The music ranges from the sound description of surreal instruments that made the city of ice palaces, from that of girls who get lost inside the pockets of his grandfather's jacket than the brisk pace of soldiers who lead the armies of peace.

Each character or situation is characterized by a theme, a musical melody; the scenes are transformed into pleasant moments of viewing and listening. The music caresses the theater and fantasy images, sounds underline the gestures, movements become sound activities.
In scene two actors and a huge world of sounds and images.

Stories, fairy tales, stories, incredible events arising from the fertile imagination of Gianni Rodari. A fantastic journey that is almost a musical fairy tale, where the theatrical and musical part intertwine and complement each other. Palaces, ice cream, peacemakers soldiers, fantastic fountains, distracted and surreal animals girls lead us to the discovery of one of the writers for the most beloved children and ingenious.

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tel. 347 3960298

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