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Address: Spazio Glicine Via San Gallo 2 rosso

Date: Tuesday 21 February 19:00 - 23:00


Presentation of two books:
Notes Eleonora Falchi Pastry
in pastry notes leads to Nice bistro Florian, a music lover pastry chef, able to cook sweets that go straight to the heart, almost without passing from the stomach.
Following her days in the kitchen, tool company which is able to speak, we will also learn how to cook the same recipes Florian, adding the secret ingredient, the appropriate music, that makes them so special.
We will know the characters that are part of his world: Daffodils, Chloe, Antoine the biciclettaio, Othello rolling pin, Elettra whip, Dante the ladle, Bill the antagonist of Othello and follow them on their adventures.
Besides the stories of Florian and his world, we will know the secrets in the preparation of meals, until now never revealed by the chefs, that will make the most delicious recipes and beautiful presentation ever.
Home for Christmas Claudia Muscolino
For some now established convention, Christmas, you know, is par excellence the time of year when popping islands of happiness even where the waters are usually quite moved, if not impossible to navigate. Here is a renewed and better conduct, redemption, human goodness, repentance conquered people, often the characters of the stories. For this will be all too easy to write stories about Christmas when everything runs smoothly. Here it is not so.
Those that you are about to read are stories in which you will meet different scenes, unusual, even alternative, in a pleasant reworking of staff in key theme. Twelve stories about sex, death, human relationships, betrayals, obsessions. In a functional alternation of environments, Claudia Muscolino start a carousel of characters who continue to run even when the book closed: women, sisters, couples, anyone who follows and who is being chased. The impact scenes with the sight and imagination, like an old 127 in the snow in the middle of the 80's with a clear predominance of the dialogue, the author finds his signature style, ranging in shape, building fragments of life.
In the second part of the narrative gives way to stories throughout the year, but still are the people to impose their strength: the victim of a sudden paralysis, a teenager from the unlikely name, women who do premonitory dreams. Through increasingly effective end, the author takes us on a journey which, although short, fixed images that remain for accuracy and density, and above all capable of doing what is expected of a good book to thrill. (Mirko Tondi - writer)

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