God Drone Birthday Party IV: Passed - Naotodate - Naresh Ran

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Address: Struttura Birra Via Giovanni Bovio 2/b angolo con Via del Romito

Date: Thursday 12 January 22:00 - 23:59


Really it seems yesterday that baptizing the first event marked God Drone in that the Snare Club of Florence. And now, four years later, we are still here to celebrate the new turning point of this path that gives us more satisfaction, sound and noise.

Structure Beer is proud to host an evening dedicated to the fourth birthday of the label, under the sign of the darkest magic and voodoo.

God Drone Birthday Party IV
[22:30] invocation
Naresh Ran - mantras and prayers.
[23:00] possession
Naotodate - ritual and torture.
[23:30] Exorcism
PASSED - vibration shamanic ecstatic.
rigidly free entry
Beer structure
Via Giovanni Bovio 2 / b
Prato City


P assed
difficult to define in a few words the experience represented by a performance of Passed, aka Thomas Risto, which runs through tribal soundscapes and obsessive but also atmospheric and rituals. percussion sampled in real time, almost ceremonial items and rugs from the powerful low frequencies make her live set something to be dragged more than timpani stomach.

monicker behind which hides Nicola Savelli, active personality of the resonant circuit and homegrown militant in different formations from the sounds totally different from each other but united by research and experimentation. his first solo ep Sevi-Lua plays on its two primary passions (the rhythm and noise) joined together to create a unique and personal ritual.

Naresh Ran
mediocre musician, performer controversial, controversial DJ and failed writer, NR Florentine orbit in the underground scene since the early 90s of the faithful diy attitude leads a multiple lifetime experiencing any form of art able to exorcise his own demons. In early 2013, he survived the apocalypse, he decided to further complicate the existence of God by starting the label Drone.

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=1303287619729977

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