Kirlian [sci-core] + Elettrocapra [beast tso]

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Address: Struttura Birra Via Giovanni Bovio 2/b angolo con Via del Romito

Date: Thursday 23 February 22:00 - 23:59


New appointment with the concerts of Structure Beer in collaboration with God Drone.
In stage two bands power trio of homegrown alternative undergrowth, toghether the attitude to the sound deconstruction and the large tube warmth.

|||||| Kirlian + Elettrocapra ||||||

after a year of standstill due TSO the great beast is ready to resurrection and ruttarvi again in the face. noise rock, post prog, ruvid core, country or beast beast no country.
favorite color? metallic smoky.

[23:15] KIRLIAN
the electrical engineer Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina developed the eponymous photographic technique after observing a patient in Krasnodar under high-frequency electrical therapy. They realized that fact when the electrodes were brought close to his skin that seemed to glow like a neon.
something very similar to what happens once turned on the valves of this trio that comes from the deep mists of Treviso, devoted to doom sounds, ambient and noise from the deep shades of science fiction movies.

strictly free entry
Beer structure
via G.Bovio 2 / b
Prato City

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