"The importance of not being Juventus'

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Address: Piazza Dante 23 , Campi Bisenzio

Date: Saturday 18 February 2017


Saturday, February 18 at 21.00 in Campi Bisenzio (Florence)

Sports and theater: the Teatrodante Carlo Monni at the start the show with "The importance of not being Juventus'

A hilarious comedy in the first tuscan looking to the vices of our nation through football by and with Fulvio Maura and Angelo Sateriale, written in collaboration with Alfonso Biondi (Lercio.it) and Valerio Vestoso (The Jackal)

The show inaugurates the 3 / th edition of "playing field", the shows dedicated to the sport cycle

An exhilarating slice of Italy today as seen through the football metaphor. This is "The importance of not being Juventus," the comedy in the first tuscan that Saturday, February 18 at 21.00 will see the comic duo Fulvio Maura and Angelo Sateriale in action on the stage of Teatrodante Carlo Monni Campi Bisenzio (Piazza Dante 23) . The play, written by the two actors in collaboration with experts of laughter as Alfonso Biondi portal satirical Lercio.it and Valerio Vestoso the collective of video maker The Jackal, will inaugurate the third edition of "Playing Fields", a series of three events that unites the passion for theater as for sports (entrance 15/12 €).

Football is a collective exaltation, is proud to identify themselves in a mesh, in a city, but also pain, suffering, injustice, oppression, deception, bad faith. Other times it's revenge, redemption, reaching an unexpected goal, it is the magic of being reborn from its ashes. Ultimately football is the mirror of life and society. "The show is a kind of anthropological work - says Angelo Sateriale - in the sense that" the Juventus player "of the title is simply not the fan of a team of Turin, but a true human type, the representative of a way to be outside the football context ". He continues: "I am fan of Napoli and Maura Roma, sworn enemies of Juventus for excellence along with the Florentines. For us the Juventus are those people who recognize defeatism in respect of its territory, those who can not wait to escape and once went not retain any emotional bond with the once called "home". Juventino is who wants to win at all costs, and to do that is willing to go under any flag. "

He made a comedy sketch with four bare and essential sets, to make room for dialogue. "The idea is to insert in various contexts and not a Juventus Juventus in order to observe its behavior as real scientists; in order to favor this kind of point of view, the various scenes will be interspersed with explanatory lectures in documentary style. There will be two children, the rich one who always wants to win and the poor and mistreated; two old men on the bench with the one who does nothing but complain; two employees in the same position, but an honest and revolutionary and the other doing the minions of the head; and finally the politician who, during a television program, tries in every way to hide their flaws. Football in this show is an excuse to talk about the ugliness of our culture, of our nation's vices, because football in Italy speaks Italian, is our metaphor, it is our representation, where you can see spirits all our strengths and our faults ".

"Playing Fields" will continue on March 2 with cycling and doping recounted in "Beasts of victory", a novel reading of the cyclist Danilo Di Luca, the former blue champion disbarred for life for taking drugs to improve his performance, and will end on April 5 with reading former player Alberto Di Chiara in "the final one dirty", dedicated to one of the most controversial pages of the history of Fiorentina, who lost the 1990 UEFA cup final against Juventus.

Tickets: full € 15, reduced € 12

Press Teatrodante Carlo Monni Sara Chiarello 329-9864843; esse.chiarello@gmail.com

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