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Address: via Pietro Mascagni, 18 , Calenzano

Date: Friday 17 February 2017


Trench ladies, in a Florence invaded by the waters
The play led to success by Barbara Natives

New Theatre production of Women and Theatre of limonaia
with Anne Meacham, Daniela Morozzi and Monica Bauco

Saturday, February 18 meeting with the author, Silvia Calamai

Friday, February 17, 2017 - 21.15
Teatro Manzoni - Via Mascagni 18 - Calenzano (Firenze) - 13/10/5 tickets EUR
The Theatre of Women - Theatre of limonaia
Silvia Calamai
Original director Barbara Natives
(picked up by Dimitri Milopulos with the help of Gerard Vitali Rosati)
original music performed live by Marco Baraldi

"Ladies' Trench is an almost impregnable text, which debuted fourteen years ago, and then reappear with different cast, in a passing of the baton between very unusual actresses, always under the direction of Barbara Natives.

And it is to her and to his staging the Theatre of Women pays tribute with this new production in collaboration with the Theatre of limonaia, of which Barbara was soul and artistic director.

Also this time we wanted to go over the alternation of the most actresses: the preview was presented last September at the Bargello Museum with Monica Bauco and Amanda Sandrelli, as part of the 50th anniversary of the Florence.

Saturday, February 11 at the Teatro della Limonaia of Sesto Fiorentino will be staged Anna Meacci and Monica Bauco. Friday, February 17 at the Teatro Manzoni in Calenzano (21 hours, 13/10/5 euro tickets, via Mascagni 18, Calenzano, Florence) will take the stage Morozzi Daniela and Monica Bauco. All actresses who have had the opportunity to work in the past with Barbara Natives and with pleasure have joined this new project, entrusted to the direction of Dimitri Milopulos and Gherardo Vitali Rosati.

The stars of "trench ladies" are Ortensia and Gervasia, two elderly women who watch the city from the window invaded by the waters, between memories and nostalgia, bickering and hope, dreaming of improbable escapes by dinghy.

Ortensia and Gervasia are closed in home and talk, talk ... But their talk are not the only key text: the world in which the two women live is deserted and devoid of certainties. Apparently Ortensia is increased from Gervasia because he has finished the milk or oil; it seems that Ortensia can not return to his apartment and that the Dome and Campanile dissolve and disappear in a damp and dangerous distance. The enemy is the Other, but no one knows what it is. He enters the house and speaks to us, with long silences and strange.

Written by Silvia Calamai - Florentine author, professor of linguistics at the University of Siena and several years of drama to the theatrical school of writing of the Women's Theatre - "Trench of ladies" was extraordinarily interpreted in 2002 by Marisa Fabbri and Franca Nuti in 2002, then we saw in 2003 through the moods and visions of Lucia Poli and Marcella Ermini.

So replicas on stages throughout Italy, also directed of the late Barbara Natives. Among the awards: finalist in the 46th edition of the Riccione Prize for New Drama, and Prize Battipaglia Under-32 in 2002.

live original music by Marco Baraldi, with the voice of Jade Secchi. Andrea Narese lights.

Entertainment as part of the 25th season of the Theatre of Women. Full program .

MEET THE AUTHOR - Saturday, February 18, at 18:30, at the Library of Calenzano Civic will be a public meeting with Silvia Calamai, author of "Trench of ladies."

Download video interview with Monica Bauco

Download the press kit of the season

Tickets, discounts and presale
Full 13 Euros; reduced 10 € (over 60, under 25, Coop, Arci, ATC)
reduced 5 euro (enrolled in training courses)
Promotion residents Calenzano: 7 €
Subscription 5 shows of your choice 35 € - 60 € Subscription 10 shows
Presale: Circuit and online
Theater ticket office at 18

Info and reservations
Teatro Manzoni - Via Mascagni 18 - Calenzano (Fi) -
Tel 055 8877213 /

THEATRE OF WOMEN - Dramaturgy National Center
Headquarters: TEATRO MANZONI
Via Mascagni, 18-50041 Calenzano (FI)
055.8877213 - 055.8876581 -

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