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Address: via delle cascine, 41 , Florence

Date: Friday 17 February 2017


Friday 17 and Saturday, February 18 at 21.00 at the Teatro Puccini in Florence

Comes the musical Orlando tarantato, parody epic Carolingian

The Cultural Association Byzantine show is presented in a new production, directed by Riccardo Giannini

A musical inspired by the famous masterpiece of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso: Friday 17 and Saturday, February 18, at 21, at the Teatro Puccini in Florence, will be staged the 'Orlando tarantato, hilarious parody of the epic Carolingian music (via Cascine 41, Florence). In the production of 'Music Association Byzantine, directed by Riccardo Giannini and text and original music by Michelangelo Zorzit, fifteen of actors-singers, musicians and dancers will give life to the unseemly passions that meander between the champions of Christianity. A colorful and imaginative show, set in the frame and playful fable of a Sicilian puppet theater, which will create a double bottom in the theater box, playing with nature and personality of the characters, by leaking significant references to contemporary reality.

Heroes, knights and kings depart puppets, and later became more emancipated thanks to the feelings, from stale roles. Riccardo Giannini, Florentine director who finds her ideal size in musical theater (Rocky Horror Show, Hair, Corpse Bride), directed with imagination and experience a prestigious cast, which features Alessandro Riccio, known comedian and quick change, with its whimsical interpretation of the Saracen Ruggiero. In the show, the woman warrior Bradamante (actress Anna Serena) will burn with love for the Muslim Ruggiero (Alessandro Riccio), while the paladin Orlando (Leonardo Paoli) he will lose his manhood at the mere sight infidel Angelica (Giannina Raspini) . The champion will recover the vigor thanks to the charmer flute Morgana (Michaela D'Smart), but he will have to deal with the low instincts of the old emperor Charlemagne (Alessandro Scaretti) and his treacherous pitfalls thesis advisor Ganelon (David Arena).

The deeds will be music by the Byzantine, or Michelangelo Zorzit (bass), Susanna Crociani (woodwinds), Michael Tumtam Tambor Lovito (percussion), Boris Cammilli (drums), Emiliano Benassai (accordion), Marcello Melighetti (guitar). Middle East and Balkan musical suggestions will coexist happily with the influence of the Italian song: the songs are partly composed specifically for the show and partly selected among the best songs of the group, which for over a decade mixture in an original and engaging heterogeneous traditions for extracting geographical and cultural level, is popular (tarante, pizziche tammurriate) that educated (the musical theater of Roberto De Simone, the Eduardo De Filippo) poetry. Rounding out the cast dancers Giulia Piana and Filippo Carli. The choreography is by Luigi Ceragioli, the sets of Tuttascena.

15 euro entrance. Presale on boxoffice circuit. For more information and a trailer of the show www.orlandotarantato.it/ and 348-7441875.

More details:

The encounter-clash between Western civilization and oriental theme is proposed in an original and ironic perspective that takes its cue from the bonds of love between pagans and Christians in the epic chivalrous Renaissance. The caricatured figures of kings and Charlemagne Ganelon provide the pretext for punishing, laughing, the inclinations of all those government and wheeler that feed the conflict for their own personal gain. At the other extreme, the characters of his subjects Orlando and Bradamante - paladins, against his own feelings, of a monolithic culture and prejudicially hostile to all diversity - reflected the contradictions between individual identity and social role, to feel personal and cultural roots. The final outcome of the story achieves a synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions, the music and the figurative context suggest from the beginning, turning the cliché of the inevitable armed confrontation between Paladins and Saracens in an equally fatal tryst.


Alessandro Riccio (Ruggiero)
Leonardo Paoli (Orlando)
Alessandro Scaretti (Charlemagne)
Giannina Raspini (Angelica)
Anna Serena (Bradamante)
David Arena (Ganelon)
Michaela D'Smart (Morgana)
Giulia Piana - Filippo Carli (dancers)


Michelangelo Zorzit (bass), Susanna Crociani (woodwinds), Michael Tumtam Tambor Lovito (percussion), Boris Cammilli (drums), Emiliano Benassai (accordion), Marcello Melighetti (guitar).
Text and original music by Michelangelo Zorzit
Directed by Riccardo Giannini
Choreography by Luigi Ceragioli
Design by Tuttascena
Lights: Nicola Magnini
Costumes: Nicholas Gabrielli
Arrangement Lucia Sargenti choirs
Assistant director Simone Cantini
Ph: Salvatore Sasmi

X PRESS COMMUNICATION Sara Chiarello 329 9864843; esse.chiarello@gmail.com

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