MEDEA. A soliloquy (first study)

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Address: Teatro della Limonaia Via Gramsci 426, Sesto Fiorentino

Date: Saturday 18 February 21:00 - 23:00


Theatre of limonaia
February 18 at 21
MEDEA. A soliloquy (first study)
Lucio Annio Seneca
Valentina Banci
translation and processing dramaturgical Paul Brennan
Loranto Banci scenes
music Arturo Annecchino

"The theater is not among us to support the reality, but to unbearable rendercela" Heiner Műller

An actor is not obliged to love the characters is called to interpret, yet some personagg very often i- those who said we would never belong to us - creep in us and struggle to leave, as if to urge us to continue -interpretandoli - to make them live.
It happens to me, with Medea.
A 'wonderful opportunity offered two years ago by Paul Brennan, my mentor and teacher, at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse: a beautiful period and full of work, research, the effort to get to debut by returning to Medea humanity of an injured woman abandonment and betrayal operated by the male world; devoted to the lust for order ;, towards its more ideal life, culturally diverse, female, revolutionary, existential.
Since then Medea continues to pursue me and interrogate me.
Why think even in Medea, as if they had been enough so many times and attempts to tell it?
Because from Euripides, you continue to stumble, collide, empathize, take sides, live it in the story of this woman, mixed with love and revenge, filled with passion, crossed by voices in his head and struck by love alone, Jason. The Medea of ​​Seneca is not a follower of Euripides' Medea, indeed. Seneca is an innovator, although his writing will have to wait for the Viennese school of Freud (Wilhelm Reich before and Jacques Lacan in the fifties), to be recognized in all its modernity

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