Luke evening with Ukulele Revolver and Lucania

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Address: Circolo Arci Progresso Firenze Via Vittorio Emanuele II 135

Date: Saturday 18 February 21:00 - 00:00


The duo ukulele and percussion of Lucan DANILO VIGNOLA investigator of sounds and techniques and ukulelistiche GIÒ DIDONNA percussionist innovator and experimenter of rhythm.

Danilo Vignola the largest experimenter in the world of ukulelistiche techniques combined with percussive innovations Gio Didonna present the album "UKULELE REVOLVER"
The show stands out for its originality, is identified as an engaging journey into the rhythms and Mediterranean sounds, which gives free rein to the art of improvisation, revisiting in a modern traditional melodies (rumba, flamenco, tarantula, Arabian sounds ) and interweaving them for experimental refinement, psychedelic harmonies, rhythmic heavy, marked by an intercultural exchange, in which, overseas instruments such as the now famous Hawaiian ukulele and the Peruvian Cajon (drum) or of modern tools such as the Hang Swiss (percussion), meet with the tradition and experimentation.
* Danilo Vignola was decreed in 2010 by Eleuke, the largest manufacturer of ukuleles, as the best electric ukulele in the world, only to be recognized by various musicians like most great experimenter, bringing the ukulele to be seen as a tool to all the effects. In 2015 Danilo Vignola receives the prize at MEI in Faenza best artist of alternative tools at Italian level.
"We propose to represent the present exploring the past," Massimo Donà in: "Philosophy of Music." The sounds that we propose, have originated in this land, "Lucania", a fusion of ancient customs and traditions, accomunanti the populations that live there, and who for centuries have marked important moments of everyday reality; fertility rites and ceremonies characterize the history and the existence of unknown rural reality. Music as a backdrop to a folklore characterized by the link between the world of the sacred, with its aura of unknown and transcendental, and the sphere of the profane tied to 'thrill of the party and to' surrender to the "body" as a symbolic act of Dionysian storage! Symbolic gestures, of which today is almost untraceable origin: "Lucania" ...
Training consists of Massimo Duino mandolin and vocals, Carlo Arvia guitar and voice, tambourine-percussionists Marco Massari and Gianfranco Marcontini, multi-instrumentalist and plays the Diatonic accordion Mario De Carlo, the multi-instrumentalist Luke Bannella and percussionist Giovanni Guarino.

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