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Address: viale strozzi, piazza adua , Florence - Historical Center

Date: Friday 17 February 2017


The event "Florence Open Book", the first book festival in the city of Florence, will take place on 17/18/19 in February 2017 at the Hall Spadolini in the Fortezza da Basso.

The event, for many revolutionary aspects of form and substance, has among its objectives the creation of a real event open, dynamic and shared around the book and the active involvement of small and medium publishers in synergy with the big publishing house in order to create profitable interactions among all the components of the overall editorial process.

First of all the result that the more we want to achieve is a dramatic reduction in rental prices related to the exhibition, so that all news organizations can participate by gaining their presence and not, as is usual, to go home with passive also remarkable. Large groups, as well as small publishing companies, will have the opportunity to participate in an event of international scope without having to incur excessive expenses and therefore not recoverable, except in small part, by the sale of its books during the days of fair.

They will then practiced extremely competitive prices around the rental of exhibition space by reducing by 70-90% the overall participation rate compared to all other national and international festivals that are held in Italy.

Another distinctive feature will be available in a large open space of the exhibition areas of the publishing houses, no longer divided into watertight compartments, with small publishers relegated to just the prestigious areas or strategically unsatisfactory.

Small publishing houses and large publishing groups will be arranged contiguously next to each other, facilitating the flow inside the pavilion in various directions, even the most "peripheral".




The complete program can be found here: https: //www.firenzelibroaperto.it/programma

We shall quote only an extract of some of the events that take place during the evenings:

FRIDAY 'February 17


The big blue house (2016 edition winners Pistoia Blues next generation)

more Endless Harmony in concert

(Orchid Cafe)



In floor-only concert

(Orchid Cafe)

Saturday, February 18


Vinicio Capossela pays homage to Modigliani

Maurizio Bellandi, author of "Amedeo Modigliani. The stumbling "stones

syllables Publisher

(White Room)


Performance of Daniel Locchi "Generation Tenax"

Florence Entertainment

(Orchid Cafe)


DOLCENERA in concert


MARCO GENEVA in concert

Sunday, February 19


Meeting "Escape from the earth: from Baron in the Trees to cosmicomiche"

with Paolo Hendel

edited by Teatro Puccini

(White Room)

Other events on Friday 17 February:

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