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Address: Le Murate Caffè Letterario Firenze Piazza delle Murate

Date: Tuesday 21 February 21:00 - 00:00


The cultural association La Nottola di Minerva Europe Direct and the door of the City of Florence, part of Radici Film Archive. interdisciplinary overview on the origins of Europe, have

It intervenes LUISA PASSERINI, BABE and University of Turin

Cinema / WELCOME
P. Lioret, 2009 France

A meeting to put forcefully the contrast between the legacy of the myth that gave the name to the continent and the current state of Europe. The name, which may mean "the West", comes from the Phoenician princess abducted by Zeus who had taken the form of a sacred animal, the white bull, to carry it with her to Crete and generate a line of kings. Over the centuries the myth has had many and various interpretations, among which that of Europe as a place of arrival, allocation, reception, but also for innovation and discovery.

Lioret the film contrasts dramatically this vision with the story of a young Kurdish-Iraqi, Bilal, who managed to get to Calais in a clandestine manner and attempts to cross the Channel by swimming to get to his beloved England. Meet solidarity but also opposition and intolerance, and must face the violent divisions among Europeans. Welcome shows the precariousness of hope today to make Europe a place of exchange between different cultures whose meeting could renew it deeply.
A meeting to highlight the contrast between myth and reality, and retrieve and update that hope.

For more info: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=173460913146112

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