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Address: Via Fabrizio de André angolo L.no Aldo Moro, 3 , Florence

Date: Friday 17 February 2017


Friday, February 17 at 21 Obihall Florence the hilarious new show "In ... zero tolerance" of the Milanese comedian Pucci




By and with Andrea Baccan

Collaboration to the texts Daniele Ceva and Raffaele Skizzo

February 17, 2017 - 21 hours


Tickets: The sector € 33,00 II sector € 28,00 III 22,00 euro area

(reduction members coop 2 euro)

Presale: boxol.it

When Pucci must open a door and can not find your keys, do not waste time looking for them, breaks down the door with a kick! The noise it generates is not the typical "crash" of the wood breaking it is to laughter.

Friday, February 17, 2017 at 21, the comedy Pucci back Obihall of Florence "In ... zero tolerance", the hilarious new show written by the author Milan, in collaboration with the texts of Daniel and Raffaele Skizzo Ceva, on tour in theaters in major Italian cities.

"ZERO TOLERANCE IN ..." is the new show in which Andrea Baccan, (aka PUCCI), makes hilarious the strain of living of those who, 50 years, is to interact with new and incomprehensible fashion, new technologies, with the school daughter and the devastating and costly extracurricular activities. Without leaving out the half century ailments that carries on his shoulders, forced to clinical examinations and physical exercises, to remain viable in a world where things have become indispensable until recently unnecessary and ridiculous.

The Italian comic actor with more fast-paced and energy to "continuous cycle", avoids the political satire, preferring that of costume. Everyday life is the central argument:

"I do not tolerate when you go to a pizzeria to take the pizzas to take home to friends: you are there alone and orders 3 Daisies, 2 four seasons, one with mushrooms and 3 Naples and the pizza makes you:" to take away? " - "No, I eat them all myself! Beware only drink a glass of water!"

"I do not tolerate when you go to the airport, at the check-in delivers two tickets and the clerk makes you" are two of you? " - "No, we are 38, now comes the bus."

In his new show "IN ... .TOLLERANZA ZERO" Andrea Pucci breaks through the doors absurd that you have to overcome every day to go home safely with blows of a "Intolerance" by the energetic and devastating humor.

Andrea Baccan, aka Pucci, was born in Milan in 1965. He took his first steps in the laboratory Project Derby, comedian container Derby Theatre of Milan curated by Teo Teocoli and Mario Lavezzi. Provocative and irreverent, master of satire, began his television career by winning the 1993 edition of the program "you know the latest?". He has participated in many television programs, including the many "Scherzi a Parte", "Reservoir Dogs," "Buona Domenica". 2006-2011 regular guest of "Those that football" with Simona Ventura, ten years is one of the protagonists of the cast of "Colorado Cafè". In addition to the TV collects several important film appearances, such as "Monsters", "Meet a Friend" and "Taste of you."


Via Fabrizio De André corner Lungarno Aldo Moro - 50136 Florence


Tickets: The sector € 33,00 II sector € 28,00 III 22,00 euro area

(reduction members coop 2 euro)

Presale: boxol.it

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