Pubs for an Aperitif in Florence and surroundings

Where to have an aperitif in Florence and surroundings? Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "aperitif"

Moyo last update on 22.02.2017 Aperitif / Dinner / DJset / » PLAZ last update on 22.02.2017 Cocktail Bar, Restaurant, Crepes, Pizza, Sky TV » ONE EYED JACK last update on 21.02.2017 Rock Bar » Hard Rock Cafe last update on 20.02.2017 Pubs with live music » THE WILLIAM PUB last update on 19.02.2017 HAMBURGER footie-COCKTAIL BAR-SPORTV- The William is one of the pubs BIGGER AND HISTORICAL Florence » otium last update on 19.02.2017 Cocktail Bar Brewery » SPAZIO GLICINE last update on 17.02.2017 lounge bar, cocktails, live music, stationery, photocopying » MELABEVO Firenze last update on 16.02.2017 SHOTTERIA and COCKTAIL house » GIRASOL Ristorante PIZZERIA DiscoCocktail Bar last update on 14.02.2017 GREAT PIZZA FLORENCE @ DRINK and DANCE! your party is here !! » NO CAGE last update on 13.02.2017 Circle Acsi Vegan Meal Music Courses and Activities' linked to social and animals » Dome last update on 09.02.2017 Dome is the local brand new aperitif in the historic center of Florence » SeiDivino! last update on 03.02.2017 Wine & Cocktail and much more .... » Gallery Show - Prato last update on 18.02.2017 Restaurant Pizzeria Room Discobar » TREND CAFFE' last update on 16.02.2017 American Bar Pub in the historic district of Campo di Marte » Circolo Semifonte last update on 15.02.2017 Circle Alternative »
Flossy pub - Prato last update on 11.02.2017 Wooden hut nestled in the shade of pine wood equipped for eating and drinking great food and ales » Largocarducci last update on 09.02.2017 Gastropub wine and cocktail bar » MIX last update on 08.02.2017 Appetizers, Dinners and Cocktail Bar in Sesto Fiorentino » Circolo ARCI San Casciano last update on 30.01.2017 Restaurant, Bar Tribe and great shows every night » Studenti di Sinistra last update on 28.01.2017 Collective University » Chillax lounge bar last update on 27.01.2017 warm and welcoming place. » Pink Club last update on 24.01.2017 Breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, disco, buffet dinners » Rasna last update on 16.01.2017 Gourmet beer context » Fuego last update on 15.01.2017 African cuisine and Latin special barbecue, afrobeats dj » Beer House Club last update on 06.01.2017 Artisan brewery pub » I'Margaritaio Cantina Messicana last update on 31.12.2016 Happy Hour Everyday 5.30-8.30pm » James Joyce last update on 19.12.2016 Pub garden in Florence » The Alchemist Club (Empoli) last update on 17.12.2016 Scottish Singing Pub » Vanilla Club last update on 16.12.2016 Speakeasy Cocktail Bar » LaPolveriera Spazio Comune last update on 04.12.2016 self-managed space » Kikuya Pub last update on 02.12.2016 English pub in Florence since 1982 » Il Chiosco - Certaldo last update on 02.12.2016 Food, Drinks & Parties » SHOT CAFE' FIRENZE last update on 23.11.2016 The Shot Cafe is located in Via dei Pucci 5, 50 meters from the Dome. » VIRGIN ROCK PUB FIRENZE last update on 17.11.2016 Videos and music hard rock with live shows in the week-end.Panini and delicious platters late into the night. » THE STONY PUB last update on 03.11.2016 Pubs and live music » The Lion's Fountain Irish Pub last update on 27.10.2016 One of the oldest Irish pub in Florence » The Green Store Pub - La Guerrina last update on 26.10.2016 Irish Pub in Florence » JJ CATHEDRAL IRISH PUB last update on 18.10.2016 If you love beer, you can not not go and visit! 10 types of beer on tap! » LOWENGRUBE last update on 16.10.2016 Typical Bavarian restaurant-brewery » PAN.GO.RO. last update on 03.10.2016 in the heart of San Frediano !!! » CHICHIBIO last update on 29.09.2016 pizzeria restaurant events » PONTASSIEVE last update on 24.09.2016 EVENTS » Exfila last update on 16.09.2016 club » Deja Vu Cafè last update on 15.09.2016 Cocktail bars, pubs » Anfiteatro delle Cascine last update on 02.09.2016 outdoor events » Festa del Mugello last update on 02.09.2016 Summer grill, Grilled specialties and typical dishes Mugellani » PANTHEON LOUNGE BAR last update on 01.09.2016 lounge bar, pub » Fiorino sull'’Arno last update on 29.08.2016 summer clearance » CAFFETTERIA RIMANI FIRENZE last update on 04.08.2016 STAY » Harpastum café last update on 30.07.2016 sports pub's bar american bar »
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