Disco bars in Florence and surroundings

Below you can find the complete list of all places registered to firenzenotte under the category "disco bars". The places at the top are those updated more recently.

Hidron last update on 25.06.2017 Fitness Center, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Nightclub » Flò Lounge Bar last update on 23.06.2017 Local summer overlooking Florence » Blanco Beach Bar last update on 23.06.2017 Beach Beach Bar » Summer Suite last update on 23.06.2017 Local summer, apericena every night » Manduca Firenze last update on 21.06.2017 Show & Bistros » Festa de l'Unità San Casciano Val di Pesa last update on 21.06.2017 Restaurant, Bar Tribe and great shows every night » Dolce Zucchero last update on 21.06.2017 nightclub » FULL MUSIC last update on 20.06.2017 music-halls school testing / recording-school dance-DJ sets and live events » Bahia last update on 20.06.2017 Bar, restaurant and music on Lake Bilancino » Wood music garden last update on 20.06.2017 Wood is ... Food & Drink, Music and Art » Magnificenza - Le Pavoniere last update on 20.06.2017 Restaurant, Pizzeria, Cocktail Bar » Blue Velvet last update on 13.06.2017 Disco Club » IL POZZO DEI DESIDERI last update on 09.06.2017 Association » Babylon Club last update on 08.06.2017 Disco bar » YAB DiscoClub last update on 06.06.2017 Disco Restaurant »
Korner Kaffè last update on 06.06.2017 Korner Kaffè » LIVE in SIEVE - Ass. SULLA SIEVE last update on 05.06.2017 - Events, music and performances in Valdisieve, for a summer in the shadow of the Medici Bridge » Cycle Club last update on 23.05.2017 Concert Hall, Meeting Testing and Registration » Gallery Show - Prato last update on 23.05.2017 Restaurant Pizzeria Room Discobar » Auditorium FLOG last update on 18.05.2017 Auditorium, concerts, festivals and dance » Prato City last update on 17.05.2017 Cocktail bar at 360 degrees » GIRASOL Ristorante PIZZERIA DiscoCocktail Bar last update on 16.05.2017 GREAT PIZZA FLORENCE @ DRINK and DANCE! your party is here !! » JUMP ROCK CLUB MONTELUPO last update on 16.05.2017 Live music club » Florence Garage Cafè last update on 15.05.2017 A Discobar out of the Historic Center at Carport » Bamboo Lounge Club last update on 15.05.2017 The new must Florentine night. Drink and VIP room by appointment, DJ sets, theme nights. » Interno3 last update on 11.05.2017 Risto-Disco » CLUB TWENTYONE last update on 07.05.2017 a local gem in the historic center of Florence » FULL UP last update on 01.05.2017 house glamor clubs » Otel Varietè Firenze last update on 28.04.2017 ... There's a reason! » Space Club Firenze last update on 28.04.2017 Open every night » DOLCEVITA last update on 25.04.2017 Lounge Bar, Fusion Restaurant, Disco bar » Fuego last update on 24.04.2017 African cuisine and Latin special barbecue, afrobeats dj » MIX last update on 20.04.2017 Appetizers, Dinners and Cocktail Bar in Sesto Fiorentino » Mulligans last update on 13.04.2017 dISCOPUB » AVADA KEDAVRA PARTY - HARRY POTTER PARTY last update on 12.04.2017 Avada Kedavra Party - Harry Potter Theme Parties » Winter Suite last update on 30.03.2017 Winter Suite, new local south Florence, for an adult audience. Aperitif, dinner, disco! » Salamanca last update on 12.03.2017 Spanish restaurant » Keller Platz (Prato) last update on 01.03.2017 Rock Pub » Nabucco wine bar and food last update on 28.02.2017 Wine Bar and Food » Circolo Rigacci last update on 24.02.2017 circle ARCI » Pink Club last update on 24.01.2017 Breakfasts, lunches, cocktails, disco, buffet dinners » Red Garter last update on 17.01.2017 Karaoke, American Bar, Steakhouse » Vanilla Club last update on 16.12.2016 Speakeasy Cocktail Bar » La Villetta last update on 15.12.2016 The villa is new and elegant terrace of Florence, reserved for an adult audience. » LaPolveriera Spazio Comune last update on 04.12.2016 self-managed space » Mania Carioca Firenze last update on 01.12.2016 Brazilian restaurant » SHOT CAFE' FIRENZE last update on 23.11.2016 The Shot Cafe is located in Via dei Pucci 5, 50 meters from the Dome. » EX3 - Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea last update on 22.11.2016 innovative local, open space for contemporary art and avant-garde music » Galisia show dinner last update on 20.09.2016 restaurant disco » Deja Vu Cafè last update on 15.09.2016 Cocktail bars, pubs »
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