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Address: Piazza di S. Stefano 1 , Florence



In the heart of Florence, just steps from the Ponte Vecchio, lies the prestigious Auditorium of Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio.

At one time one of the oldest churches in the city, documented since 1116, but probably founded long before, was deconsecrated in 1986 due to the depopulation of the historic center.

Reopened to the public as Auditorium, Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio today contributes to the artistic development of the city due to its rich cultural and musical activities.

The former church of Santo Stefano al Ponte was severely damaged and as many structural interventions over the centuries.

Between the twelfth and fourteenth century, it came under the control of the Augustinian friars, acquired its present appearance with a single nave topped by three mullioned windows and a central doorway in white marble and green Prato. In those years he was rebuilt the roof with exposed trusses.

Between 1631 and 1641 they were refitted the choir and the crypt, and the interior was remodeled in Baroque style to a design, you think, architect Ferdinando Tacca, and Bartolommei suggestion of a customer, one of the distinguished families of the time. always during the seventeenth century side altars they were added.

In 1783 Santo Stefano was awarded the title of the disappearance church of St. Cecilia, from whom he received many furnishings and paintings that still retains, and was renamed from 'Archbishop Martini "Church of Saints Stephen and Cecilia" (14 October 1787)

The church was badly damaged during the Second World War and during the flood of 1966, and many works of art were lost unfortunately. The last restoration took place in the auditorium followed the attack in via dei georgofoli of 1993; on that occasion it was rediscovered a century fresco of Botticelli's school depicting Tobias and l 'archangel Raphael.

The auditorium S. Stefano al Ponte is an elegant and unique location, ideal for organizing exclusive events in the heart of Florence.
Thanks inside beautifully decorated and perfect acoustics, the 'Auditorium is par excellence the perfect place where to live an' unforgettable experience of union between art, architecture and music in Florence.

Nell 'Auditorium we find the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque. The lower part of the facade, dating back to 1233 and features a white marble portal and green of Prato and two doors surmounted by small mullioned windows, it is in Romanesque style. The upper part was rebuilt in the Gothic renewal.

Inside it preserves beautiful works of art, including the unique staircase Buontalenti, with marble balustrade of 1574, from Santa Trinita; l 'altar designed by Giambologna of 1591; numerous paintings, paintings and crucifix dating from the Renaissance period.

Of note the crypt, where you can still find a 'medieval atmosphere.

Important finally the courtyard and loggia of the fifteenth century, with mullioned windows in sandstone cut from Brunelleschi, where you can still admire the tombs and marble gravestones perfectly preserved some of the noble Florentine family of 'era.

The magnificent structure, particularly versatile, it lends itself to the realization of different models to better meet customer needs.

We cater for luxury events, congresses, conventions, conferences and business meetings; exhibitions and art exhibitions; cultural festivals; shows and plays; concerts of sacred music, classical, blues and jazz; evenings and gala dinners; dinner shows and musical entertainment; banquets; presentation of books and literary performances; training courses and social gatherings.

A competent and professional staff will be on hand to help organize the event you want.

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