Tales of the Mèria

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Address: Via de' Pucci, 4 , Florence

Date: Saturday 24 September 2022


There are more than 10 artists from all over Italy for the exhibition that brings contemporary art in all its forms to the historic Palazzo Pucci.

The Alice Storyteller bookshop hosts the Racconti della mèria review, from Dante's inferno revisited, to Mìles' live painting with music by Michelangelo Scandroglio and Luca Zennaro, passing through the presentations of books and magazines, talks and poetic readings.

From 26 August to 24 September Alice Storyteller hosts the Racconti della mèria review, five appointments - with over 10 artists from all over Italy - dedicated to poetry readings, musical performances, pictorial exhibitions, film screenings, free talks and workshops. The exhibition, conceived by Luca Graziani and Francesca Emanuela Zevola for the Alice Storyteller bookshop in Palazzo Pucci, is realized thanks to the Accademia degliIncamminati, Caffé Michelangiolo, Noi magazine, Ostello Bello, Amblé, CMONA Agenzia, Alice Storyteller and the Chapeau Cultural Association.

All events take place at the Alice Storyteller bookshop - via de 'Pucci, 4 on the first floor, with lift - and are free to enter, there is no card, but reservations are recommended [WhatsApp 329 9492 997 | hello@alicestoryteller.it].

The title of the review parades the term mèria in the Tuscan dialect to evoke a cool, shady place where you can find refreshment in the heat of the counter-exodus. The project was born, in fact, with the intention of proposing a series of cultural initiatives that help to put aside the sultry echoes of summer and to rely on art and its expressions to try to refresh the soul.

The program consists of activities created in order to encourage aggregation and, therefore, the contamination between artists and cultural operators with varied backgrounds, each with its own identity and oriented to a different area of artistic expression. Poetry readings, musical performances, pictorial exhibitions, film screenings, talks and workshops are just some of the appointments scheduled for next month in the spaces of the library.

The program

The inaugural event will take place on August 26 at 9:00 pm: with the live performance of Leonardo Marzocchi, Stefano Marini and Luca Graziani, with the title Durante. The Maremma collective proposes the reading of Dante's Inferno with the intention of creating an internal narrative based on love. The instruments are the microphone voice, guitars and basses, pads and unpublished visuals with the philological aim of returning those verses that continue to play and make comedy first of all a story of humanity that is ours.

The exhibition of the Florentine painter Giulio Noccesi entitled Portraits takes place from 1 September to 7 September, with the special participation of a group of art historians belonging to the centuries-old and prestigious Accademia degli Incamminati and to the Caffè Michelangiolo association. The presentation of the exhibition will therefore be accompanied by a talk coordinated and moderated by Yan Blusseau, art historian, curator, collector and director of Beast Gallery. The personal and refined language of the works exhibited in the exhibition will be accompanied by a lesson on the poetics of the portrait over the centuries, with a particular focus on the experience of the Macchiaioli and the instances of Silvestro Lega, transforming the exhibition into an opportunity first of all of meeting and dialogue. The lesson is free and takes place on Saturday 7 September at 19:00 in conjunction with the finissage of the exhibition.

On 8 September at 9.00 pm the doors of Alice Storyteller will open to the performance of three artists: Mìles, Michelangelo Scandroglio and Luca Zennaro, who, with a view to mixing figurative art and musical performance, will evoke a sound situation and visual, each using their own instrument. The event, entitled Signs of imbalance, bases its emotional charge on the intertwining of the vigorous and instinctual trait of Mìles, an artist who has devoted his practice to a tireless investigation into the most hidden and forbidden places of the unconscious, and the melodic suggestions of the music of Michelangelo Scandroglio and Luca Zennaro, jazz musicians capable of articulating hybrid and unpredictable compositional structures.

The penultimate appointment of the review, scheduled for September 16 at 21:00, is Tears of Babirussa, the performance by Riccardo Innocenti, Luca Graziani and Giovanni Vannoni born with the intention of combining the poetic medium with visual and musical improvisation . The exhibition has as its first core the reading of a text taken from the debut collection by Riccardo Innocenti (Lacrime di Babirussa, ed. NEM) with which the videos of Luca Graziani interact, edited live, and the live soundscaping of Giovanni Vannoni . The balance between voice, video and sound is made possible by the live interaction of the performers, who manage the attacks and weigh the pauses, observing themselves as musicians during an improvisation. In this way each medium can experience a further dimension, taking advantage of the expressive possibilities of the other two to free themselves in a single performative act.

Finally, on September 24th at 7:00 pm the talk with the director Silvia Clo Di Gregorio will take place, with an attached presentation of the first issue of Muttolina Magazine, the independent paper magazine conceived and coordinated by the director herself in the name of creativity, of art, nature, inclusion and sustainability. Young, creative and daring: Silvia Clo Di Gregorio will talk about her experience in the world of directing, including video clips, commercials and cinema. During the talk, the guest will be given the opportunity not only to present herself and her works, but also to weave free plots and plots, in which images and suggestions coming from the cinema, but also from the video-music world, will be mixed, as well as from stories and anecdotes related to a more private sphere, passing through other projects that have helped to outline the profile of the multifaceted director over the years (from social commitment, to the birth of her clothing brand, to experiences in publishing).

The program can be consulted in detail on the Alice Storyteller website and social network.

All events are free, there is no card or registration but booking is recommended.

The review is realized thanks to Accademia degli Incamminati, Caffé Michelangiolo, Noi magazine, Ostello Bello, Amblé, CMON Agenzia, AliceStoryteller and Chapeau Cultural Association.



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