"I Notturnali": low-noise midnight concert

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Address: via di Villamagna 39/d , Florence

Date: Saturday 22 June 2019


Saturday 22 June at 11.59 pm at the Anconella Garden

"I Notturnali": low-noise midnight concert

Flutes and percussion protagonists in wood and recycled materials

A nocturnal concert with a very low acoustic impact, in the green lung of South Florence, with protagonists flutes and self-made percussions made of wood and recycled materials: it is I Notturnali ", night garrison with experimental music with a non-impacting volume, which will take place on Saturday 22 June from stroke of midnight at the Anconella Garden , a new space in the Florentine Summer that animates the park's afternoons and evenings until September (access from Via di Villamagna 39 / d).

This is an experimental project by Luigi Guarnieri , in collaboration with Officine Croma (Center - Research - Holistic - Music and Art), which includes a musical performance with self-made instruments, with minimal acoustic impact. These are mainly wind instruments and percussion instruments made of wood and recycled objects , musical devices that are based on primordial and ethnic ones and that produce subtle, minimal sounds that perfectly blend with nocturnal silence.

Closes the week of Anconella Garden, Sunday , June 23 , the jazz concert " Assolo: Il contrabbasso e le rane" , curated by Bernardo Sacconi (first set at 6.45 pm, second set at 9.15 pm).

The cultural programming of Anconella Garden is by the Diramazioni festival, which has activated a series of prolific collaborations with associations active in the neighborhood. A billboard capable of growing over the months, thanks to these synergies, respecting the residents and the park environment.

Born in 2000 as a traveling festival, designed for Florentine public spaces by artists, students and associations brought together, since 2008 Branches , organized by the Cambiamusica cultural association! Florence , found a home base in the Parco dell'Anconella, thanks to the collaboration with the Florentine Estate .

Every day, from 4pm until late evening , it will also be possible to make a stop at the Anconella Garden to enjoy a snack, an aperitif, a dinner or a drink surrounded by greenery. On the menu , beef and tuna burgers, chicken wings, fried fish with vegetables, but also pizzas, calzones, covaccini and vegetarian alternatives at pop prices. To satisfy the tastes of the whole Anconella family.

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