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Date: Saturday 01 August 2020


It's time for exotic tastes at the 67th Fiesole Unity Festival:
conviviality and fun on the brightest view of Florence

N ell'area Montececeri Green, the space dedicated to families and children: each day a theme night, with typical menu at night tequila, sangria from the tropical day.

Political events are back: on Thursday 30 July guest Eugenio Giani, on Friday 31 Pier Carlo Padoan .

From Monday to Sunday, from the typical flavors of the area to tequila and sangria night: the 67th Feast of L'Unità di Fiesole amuses and shows conviviality , after the hard period experienced by everyone throughout Italy. There is no shortage of cultural events: next is Tuesday 28th with the tribute to Django Reinhardt by the two jazz guitarists Jacopo Martini and Tommaso Papini . Still, on the current front, the grand finale is being prepared: on 30 July, the candidate for governor of Tuscany, Eugenio Giani, will be a guest and on the 31st it will be the time of ex-minister Gian Carlo Padoan.

Concerts, meetings on the most urgent topics and on the great challenges that await the near future, therefore, but in front of good food, in the open air and in complete safety, on one of the most breathtaking terraces in Florence : in the green area of Montececeri on the hill of Fiesole, the event organized by the PD Fiesole center club continues.

Every evening a different taste and color at BarLume : we start on Monday with the " Jente di Toscana ", the menu will be dedicated to local products; Tuesday is all for the women's evening; on Wednesday the guys from the bar take us to Spain, with the Sangria themed evening; Thursday the literary moment with the " Hemingway night ", with a daiquiri flavor; the weekend starts first with the Tropical evening, on Friday, the protagonist is the Mojito , and then on Saturday with the " Tequila Night " in tex-mex sauce. The evening " Watermelon Sugar " closes on Sunday, typically summer, with the inevitable moment of watermelon for every type of palate.

Appointments for the debate on current events are also returning in the coming days. Thursday 30 will host Eugenio Giani , the candidate for the presidency of the Tuscany region of the center-left: the most urgent and important issues will be addressed in view of the next regional elections, to learn about the proposals and points of view of an electoral program that is a candidate for guide Tuscany in the difficult near future. On Friday 31st, the protagonist of the meeting will be Pier Carlo Padoan , former Minister of Economy and Finance from 2014 to 2018 (under the Renzi and Gentiloni governments), today a member of the Democratic Party Chamber.

The refreshment point is very active from the first day , where reservations are always recommended at the number 320 8560980 (by 7 pm, opening hours). It will be possible to taste on the panoramic terrace pizza and typical dishes, made with ingredients from local producers, such as potato tortelli with meat sauce, wild boar tagliatelle, peposo, fried fish, desserts and drinks. The gifts from the local suppliers themselves will be offered as prizes in the weekly lottery prizes.

Solidarity is the guiding word of this edition, the sixty-seventh , dedicated to children and the elderly, categories that have suffered greatly from the health emergency of the last few months. Dozens of volunteers and many associations of the Fiesole fabric participate in the realization of the festival, for whom this initiative is a message of positivity, which comes in a moment of crisis. Among these, involved Casa del Popolo di Fiesole, Fiesole Calcio, Polisportiva Pallavolo Fiesole, Solar Theater, Young Democrats Florence. From the youngest to the daredevils, everyone has their place in the places of the party, from the cocktail area to the lottery, to the most daring, custodians of the pizza oven.

The Fiesole Unity Day has existed since 1948 , the year the Constitution came into force. Open to all, frequented by tens of thousands of people (last year by 13,000, numbers that cannot be reached due to the limitations imposed by the current situation), it represents a fixed appointment for many.


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