Fiesole, the Festa de L'Unità is back

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Date: Friday 30 July 2021


Fiesole, the Festa de L'Unità is back in the green area of Monte Ceceri

From 1 July to 1 August events, debates, music, catering, in full compliance with anti-covid measures

Together, safely, more united than before: La Festa de L'Unità is back in Fiesole , with an edition, number 68 , in the name of hope and recovery. From July 1st to August 1st , the large green area of Monte Ceceri will once again be the perfect space for events, debates, music, catering in full compliance with anti-covid measures.

The event this year becomes almost a "second party in Florence", because it sees the involvement of the metropolitan coordination of the Democratic Party and will be the center of gravity of all the municipalities of the Florentine belt. The program is constantly evolving, but the participation of, among others, the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani, the MEP and regional secretary of the Democratic Party, Simona Bonafè, and the former minister Giuseppe Provenzano, current national deputy secretary of the party.

"On the basis of a strong communion of intentions, the Festa de L'Unità di Fiesole opens to collaboration with the metropolitan PD coordination - underlines Andrea Aglietti , secretary of the Pd Unione Comunale di Fiesole -, offering us the extraordinary opportunity to put at the center of our celebration and of our work important battles such as those for social and human rights, which our party at a national level is promoting more than ever through the mobilization for the Zan DDL. We also believe that the revival is possible, even at the local level, focusing on youth policies, which affect me closely, and the increasingly crucial issue of employment, especially female employment. All this would not be possible without the dense network of volunteers who are active every day in our territory, of which I am honored to be part of it too, from Mercy to the Popular Brotherhood, to sports and cultural associations ".

“This summer - comments Marco Recati , Pd Metropolitan Secretary of Florence - the traditional appointment of the Florentine center-left will stop in Fiesole, in the suggestive green area of Montececeri. With the coordination of the Pd metropolitan secretariat, the organization of the local Pd and the support of the associations of Fiesole we are ready to welcome the affectionate public of the Feste dell'Unità throughout the month of July. In full compliance with anti-contagion regulations and with all the necessary prudence, we propose a program full of initiatives and debates. It will also be an opportunity to launch the Democratic Agora, the project fielded by Secretary Letta for an open and inclusive discussion on the cultural identity and political perspectives of the Democratic Party ”.

“Last year it was basically a miracle to be able to organize the party and we felt like we were keeping a light on in the night; this year, thanks to the vaccination campaign, we feel we are going back to rebuilding a good slice of politics ”, observes Mario Setti , secretary of the Circolo PD Fiesole Centro, and organizer of the event. “The Festa de L'Unità is the feast of the whole of Fiesole. The historical and emotional involvement touches all segments of the Fiesole society: the associative world, the clubs, the various political declinations linked to the anti-fascist and democratic history of Fiesole. The hope - concludes Setti - is that even in work, in the economy and in rights, exactly what happened to us can happen more and more: resisting, proposing, aggregating ".

A refreshment point is also active : every day from 7 pm it will be possible to enjoy pizza and typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine on the panoramic terrace, with ingredients of local products, such as potato tortelli with meat sauce, tagliatelle with wild boar, peposo, fried fish, desserts and drinks. Reservations recommended at 320 8560980 .


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