Cinema under the stars 2019

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Address: piazza Enrico Berlinguer , Florence

Date: Wednesday 26 June 2019


Cinema under the stars 2019 - Florence
Wednesday, June 26 the programming of the Arenas of Mars starts

Guests Claudia Gerini, Claudio Bonivento and Domitilla Di Pietro

Until September, great successes, restored classics and art films.
Meetings with Marco Bellocchio, Claudio Giovannesi, Federico Bondi, Luna Gualano, Emiliano Rubbi

Arenas of Mars
Opening on Wednesday 26 June 2019
(c / o Mandela Forum - Piazza Enrico Berlinguer - Florence)

The best films of the season, the great classics restored, the wonderfully restored version of "2001: ODISSEA NELLO SPAZIO" by Stanley Kubrick, exactly 50 years after the landing of the man on the moon, a tribute to Korean cinema which this year celebrates 100 years, so many films presented or discussed directly by the authors. These are among the many ingredients of summer 2019 at the Arenas of Mars, the two summer cinemas of the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence.

Now in its 27th edition, the exhibition organized by the Nelson Mandela Forum Association of Florence, curated by Stefano Stefani, with events, meetings and previews of August by Michele Crocchiola, will start on Wednesday 26 June in the two arenas located outside of the Mandela Forum (the large arena has a capacity of 500 seats, the small arena 240 seats), entrance from Piazza Enrico Berlinguer.

Opening on Wednesday 26 June with the screening of the film "A MANO DISARMATA": the protagonist Claudia Gerini, the director Claudio Bonivento and the screenwriter Domitilla Di Pietro will be present at the screening.
Wednesday, July 3, always in the big arena, Marco Bellocchio will be present with some cast actors, to present and discuss for the first time in Florence, the film "THE TRAITOR".

Selection of the best season titles in the Arena Grande, with space for two films that had poor circulation in Florentine theaters: ROME (Arena Grande: 27/06, 9/07, 25/07) and ON MY SKIN (02/07 , 18/07 on the occasion of Mandela Day).

In the big arena among the other important titles, stand out:
- "DOLOR Y GLORIA" by Pedro Almodovar (big arena 29/07, 12/07, 28/07)
- "GREEN BOOK" by Peter Farrelly (big arena 06/07, 20 / 07.27 / 07)
- "ROCKETMAN" by Dexter Fletcher (big arena 13 / 07.30 / 07)
- "IL TRANSITORE" by Marco Bellocchio (big arena 03 / 07.19 / 07, 26/07)
- "VAN GOGH: ON THE ETERNITY THRESHOLD" by Julian Schnabel (big arena 28/06, 22/07) and the still unpublished "MY LIFE WITH JOHN F. DONOVAN" by Xavier Dolan (small arena 19/07 and great arena 29/07).

In the big arena the projections begin, as in past years, at 9.30pm.
The small arena over the years has become a paradise for lovers of quality films.

This year a careful and courageous selection was made for this arena, recovering above all those titles that had a reduced programming in theaters due to problems in the cinema market:
- From "SARAH AND SALEEM" by Muayad Alayan (big arena 28/07, small arena 17/07) to "THE INVISIBLES" by Louis-Julien Petit (small arena 02/07).
- From "THE CHILDREN OF THE YELLOW RIVER" by Jia Zhangke (small arena 06/07) to "I FRATELLI SISTERS" by Jacques Audiard (small arena 09/07).
- From "THE MAN WHICH BUYED THE MOON" by Paolo Zucca (small arena 14/07) to "BORDER - BORDER CREATURES" by Ali Abbasi (small arena 07/22).

According to tradition, in the small arena, even 4 Mondays dedicated to the great classics of the history of cinema, restored in the original version:
- "JULES ET JIM" by Francois Truffaut (small arena 07/01),
- "IL SETTIMO SIGILLO" by Ingmar Bergman (small arena 15/07),
- "MAIGRET AND THE SAINT-FIACRE CASE" by Jean Delannoy (small arena 22/07),
- "THE BIRDS" by Alfred Hitchcock (small arena 29/07).

In July, a tribute to Korean cinema, which this year celebrates 100 years, with the fascinating "MOTHER" by Bong Joon-Ho (small arena 10/07), a fresh director who won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival, the intriguing "LITTLE FOREST" by Soon-rye Yim (small arena 17/07), the brave "A TAXI DRIVER" by Hun Jang (small arena 24/07), to the unsettling "THE GANGSTER, THE COP, THE DEVIL" by Lee Won-Tae (small arena 31/07).
The small arena then hosts meetings with authors of the most courageous and interesting Italian films of the season: "CHILDREN'S PARANZA" with a meeting with the author Claudio Giovannesi (small arena 05/07). Two evenings with Federico Bondi author of the surprise film "DAFNE" (small arena 11/07 and replica on 07/25). On 18/07 appointment with the author Luna Gualano and screenwriter Emiliano Rubbi of the movie "GO HOME - A CASA LORO", perhaps the most unsettling Italian film of the season, presented on the day of Mandela Day, 18/07.

A special event: on 20/07 the carefully restored version of "2001: ODISSEA NELLO SPAZIO" by Stanley Kubrick returns, exactly 50 years after the landing of man on the moon.
In the small arena, a focus on the best titles from last season:
- From "OUR BATTLES" by Guillaume Senez (small arena 13/07) to "ALL CRAZY AT TEL AVIV" by Sameh Zoabi (small arena 27/06, big arena 14/07).
- From "COLD WAR" by Pawel Pawlikowski (small arena 26/06, big arena 24/07) to "SANTIAGO, ITALIA" by Nanni Moretti (small arena 07/29, 28/07).
- From "THE FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE" by Denys Arcand (small arena 26/07) to "CAFARNAO" by Nadine Labaki (large arena 01/07, small arena 27/07).

In the small arena the films will start at 9.45pm.
The screenings will continue until the first December. The opening time of the screenings - large arena at 9.30 pm, small arena at 9.45 pm - is staggered to allow for a more orderly influx. In August the schedules will be advanced by 15 minutes.

The admission price remains fixed at 5 euros for many years, with the reduced agreements at 4 euros for coop members (from Monday to Thursday inclusive) and the possibility of signing a loyalty card of 5 entries with a free ticket.

Every evening from 8 pm, as always, a restaurant bar will be open to dine or enjoy an aperitif before the screening.

The programming, as usual, is signed by Stefano Stefani. Events, meetings with the authors and previews at the end of August are by Michele Crocchiola. In collaboration with the cultural foundation Niels Stensen, in the context of the Florentine Summer promoted by the Municipality of Florence.

Arenas of Mars 2019
Info tel. 055 678 841


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