Fuckup Night Live! Felpudo Maldito (one night reunion)

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Address: Via Panciatichi 16 , Florence

Date: Saturday 02 February 2019


Saturday 2 February between Impact Hub Florence and BUH! Urban cultural club

Fuckup Night Live! Felpudo Maldito (one night reunion)

Alessandro Riccio, actor, director and theatrical teacher

Laura Rovida, textile designer, artisan and entrepreneur

Federica Borghi, theatrical scenographer, fashion designer, painter

To the cycle of events born to tell and celebrate stories of failed businesses and projects, there is also a series of "loose" music bands that come back to play together for a single and unrepeatable concert. Guests of Saturday 2 February the Maldito Felpudo. Together with them for traditional talks, the actor and theater director Alessandro Riccio, the textile designer Laura Rovida and the creative Federica Borghi

Florence, January 24, 2019 - The Fuckup Nights Firenze are back, a project of global importance born in 2012 that does not highlight the success stories, but the story of failed projects; because often, admit the creators, one can learn much more from the sharing and knowledge of bankruptcy experiences.

In its Florentine declination, the Fuckup Nights project finds Impact Hub Florence among its main promoters and Saturday 2 February , thanks to the collaboration with BUH! Urban cultural circle, it relaunches its format with a live concert: in fact, traditional talks include a series of "loose" bands that come back to play together for a single concert.

After hosting the Martinicca Boison the stage of the live Fuckup Nights will be animated by Felpudo Maldito : infamous Florentine musical group active since 1999. Over the years he has performed in numerous concerts in clubs, festivals and social centers of the Tuscan and Italian area. The reversal of meanings and roles is a basic element of the poetics "Felpudica" (neologism that defines all that aesthetically and epistemologically linked to the color and spheres of interest of the group): hence the attraction for the ambiguous stimulus and figure their way of understanding live performances in which the border between the masculine and the feminine is transcended.

Starting at 7:30 pm, before the Felpudo Maldito concert scheduled for 10:30 pm, the usual talks coordinated by Laura De Benedetto, always with a touch of irony (entry with only ENTES card upon registration here: www.f6s.com / fuckupnightsfirenzevol15 ). In this 15th appointment:

"Riccio's got talent ?!" with the actor, director and theatrical teacher Alessandro Riccio . Introducing yourself to a talent show can seem like a child's play. But the expressive languages are different, opposite. And the failure can be total, despite 25 years of successful career in the theater.

"If I had not tried ... I would have always remained the doubt!" by Laura Rovida , textile designer, artisan and entrepreneur. Go from the Capalbio laboratory to a shared Orbetello store and ... return. And learn that to work with enthusiasm and determination you need clear objectives and the right location.

"You die a bit 'to live" by Federica Borghi , a 360 ° creative now theatrical set designer, fashion designer, painter. Owner of a company that has failed, creating a media unrest more than discrete. For more information ask the hyenas.

As usual, also space for conviviality, an aspect never in the background to BUH. For this reason in the program of the event will be hosted also a festival dedicated to offal , between the inevitable tripe and lampredotto (starting at 20, no reservation is required - info, full menu and prices http://bit.ly / MenùSagraFrattaglie ).

To end the evening, after the concert de Felpudo Maldito, the sparkling DJ set by JDDJ aka Miss Piggy w / Leblond.

Contribution to cultural activity € 7

FREE entry up to 8.00 pm for those who participate in the talk (upon registration, required Entes card)

2018/2019 ENTES card fee - BUH! Urban cultural club € 3

Entrance reserved for ENTES 2018/2019 members

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BUH! Urban cultural club

Lorenzo Migno


339 4736584

BUH Urban Cultural Circle / Impact Hub Florence

Via Panciatichi 16, Florence

AL BUH! and at Impact Hub you can also arrive BY TRAMVIA (recommended stop Dalmatia).

On Fridays and Saturdays the service ends at 2 am

From Dalmatia last run to the center at 1:44

More Info times: http://bit.ly/OrariTramviaBUH )

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