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Address: Via Panciatichi 16 , Florence

Date: Sunday 28 April 2019


Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April at the BUH! Urban cultural circle starting at 11:00


Fair market of handmade wine and gastronomic products from all over Italy. Conferences, tastings, children's workshops, food area, concerts and DJ sets for two days of healthy living.

Producing wine in the most natural way possible in the vineyard and without manipulation in the cellar, in order to obtain a product that faithfully reflects the grape variety, the climatic season and the territory in which it is found. It is on these assumptions that Succo D'Uva is based, a fair market of handmade wine to be held at BUH! Urban cultural circle Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April .

As many as 50 producers from all over Italy. A two days of healthy living that will host tastings, high quality gastronomic products, conferences, workshops for children, food area, concerts and DJ sets.

Among the highlights scheduled for Saturday a Slow Food Florence seminar on the relationship between climate change and food consumption entitled "The Change also passes from the table" (11:30 am). Food and its production are among the main factors of pollution in our environment and changing our habits can really make a difference.

Following (12 hours) "Pane Vino e Ristorazione" , a meeting by Damiano Donati of Punto Officina del Gusto which will explain the common thread that links these three elements.

Carlo Nesler , an expert in traditional fermentations and an Italian reference point for many chefs and cooking enthusiasts, and Giulia Pieri , a Romagna chef specializing in integral and probiotic cooking, will be the protagonists of a meeting dedicated to food fermentation (3 pm) : a process by which we obtain more digestible and safe foods that strengthen our immune system and are able to provide enzymes useful for the proper functioning of the body.

"Semi e Radici" is the laboratory dedicated to children, to discover together with the agronomist Andrea Battiata di Ortobioattivo how to grow seasonal vegetables (16 hours). The seasonal activities that take place in a vegetable garden will be explained and the techniques of regenerative agriculture typical of a bioactive garden will be taught in a simple and direct way. It will be an opportunity to discover and rediscover contact with the earth, learning and having fun.

Conscious nutrition with forms of active citizenship will lead the public to deepen their knowledge of the Ortobioattivo in Florence, an opportunity for reflection and a concrete example on how it is possible to connect, in a virtuous circle, those who produce food and those who consume it. The protagonist of this meeting entitled "When food is good for us " and scheduled for 5 pm, will once again be the agronomist Andrea Battiata who will expose the principles of organic-regenerative agriculture implemented in the Ortobioactive, the results achieved and how to link production high quality bioactive-nutraceutical vegetables for daily consumption by families.

The presence of winegrowers is also very rich. In the selection criteria of the organizers of Grape Juice those companies that offer a viticulture able to exclude all synthetic chemical substances (pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers) have been privileged. A production concept oriented to low yields and biodiversity thanks to the protection of local varieties.

Inside the fair there will be a food area dedicated to tastings and a refreshment area where you can have lunch and dinner (menu: lasagna with ricotta and zucchini cream, spelled salad with almond pesto and cherry tomatoes, tomato soup with ricotta mousse, lampredotto and Florentine tripe).


To enrich the event on the evening of Saturday 27 April, the concert of The Mauskovic Dance Band . An intoxicating tropical mix of cumbia, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, which culminates in a vibrant hypnotic rhythm destined for frenetic dance floors. The group draws inspiration from different genres: mainly Afro-Colombian styles such as champeta, palenque, cumbia and the culture of the picó sound system, as well as afro-disco and no-wave scenes in their current Amsterdam base. the continuous influence of the various underground producers present in the city, brought a further addition to the band, drum machines and vintage synthesizers that blend effortlessly with Afro-Latin rhythms and mushy guitar riffs to create a contemporary sound rich in cultural influence.

Sunday, April 28 instead space to the loghandlogics who will present on the stage of the BUH "Nobodypanic", their new album. The band was immediately noticed thanks to the victory of Toscana100band and the Controradio Rock Contest. The debut EP receives excellent feedback from the music press (Wild Bunch, Noise, Blowup), is named Disk of the Week on Rockit and Revelation of the Year for the Republic.

In the following two years the band undertakes a long tour of more than a hundred dates in length and breadth for the boot up to Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. The loghandlogics have played on the stages of important festivals such as the MI AMI Festival, played in the studios of Rai Radio 1 and Radio 2, and opened concerts by artists such as the Primal Scream at the Ex Dogana in Rome and Paolo Fresu at the Teatro Verdi in Florence .

In 2018 the idea of a series of revisitations of the band's material came to life in collaboration with eleven artists from the Italian scene, including Alberto Ferrari (Verdena), Andrea Appino (Zen Circus) and Giulio Ragno Favero (Teatro degli Orrori), which results in a visionary and multiform collection of remixes. The debut album will be released in May 2019 for Woodworm Label, and was recorded and mixed at The Garage Studio (AR) thanks to the Musicafutura Award.

Practical information:

BUH Urban cultural circle / Impact Hub Florence

Via Panciatichi 16, Florence

Grape Juice is made in collaboration with Impact Hub Florence, BUH! Urban Cultural Circle, Slow Food Florence, Raisin: The Natural Wine App, Arrogant Sour Festival, Acqua Maniva pH8, Concretipo, Wines of Vignaioli, Wine Independent.

Winegrowers: Lammidia (Abruzzo), SETE - Natural Wines (Lazio), Podere Veneri Vecchio (Campania), Le Coste (Lazio), Indigenous Winery - Wild Wine (Abruzzo), Azienda Agricola POSSA (Liguria), Cascina Degli Ulivi (Piedmont) , Ajola (Umbria), Gazzetta (Lazio), Cantina GIARA (Puglia), Pacina (Tuscany), Tunia (Tuscany), Sequerciani (Tuscany), Azienda Agricola CasaGori (Tuscany), Fattoria Montanine (Tuscany), Elios - best of Sicily (Sicily), Abbazia San Giorgio (Sicily), Azienda Agricola Fabio Ferracane (Sicily), Agricultural Company Denavolo (Emilia-Romagna), Cervini (Emilia-Romagna), Azienda Agricola Crocizia (Emilia-Romagna), Corvagialla (Lazio), La Villana (Lazio), Santa 10 (Tuscany), Tenuta Montiani Winery (Tuscany), Fattoriadicaspri (Tuscany), Enoteca Fiorentina (Tuscany), Carussin (Piedmont), Pezzalunga (Veneto), Il Roccolo di Monticelli (Veneto), Luca Bevilacqua ( Abruzzo), Montesissa (Emilia-Romagna), Casè - naturally wine (Emilia-Romagna), Croci Tenuta Vitivinicola (Emilia-Romagna), Cas in Raia (Tuscany), Podere Fornace Prima (Tuscany), Azienda agricola Buondonno (Tuscany), Montesecondo (Tuscany), Agriturismo Podere Luisa (Tuscany), Biovitae (Tuscany), Podere Giocoli (Tuscany), Vini controvento (Abruzzo), Federico Tiberi (Umbria), Arrogant Sour Festival (Emilia-Romagna), Capovilla Distillery (Veneto), Marco Merli (Umbria), Matrignano (Tuscany), Domaine Sauveterre (France)

Food Producers: Bio Agriturismo Valle Scannese from Gregorio (Abruzzo), Tenuta Di Paganico (Tuscany).


€ 13 Entrance fee for the activity (including a glass and wine tasting)

Entry reserved for ENTES members 2018/2019

Card price 2018/2019 ENTES - BUH! Urban cultural circle € 3


Saturday 27 April

Entrance fee for cultural activities € 7

Entry reserved for ENTES members 2018/2019

Card price 2018/2019 ENTES - BUH! Urban cultural circle € 3

Sunday 28 April

Entrance fee for cultural activities € 5

Entry reserved for ENTES members 2018/2019

Card price 2018/2019 ENTES - BUH! Urban cultural circle € 3

BUH Press Office & Communication! Urban cultural circle

Lorenzo Migno



TO BUH! and at Impact Hub IN TRAMVIA (Recommended stop Dalmatia).

On Friday and Saturday the service ends at 2 am

From Dalmatia last run towards the center at 1:44

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