Mondovisioni - the International Documentaries

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Address: Via Panciatichi 16 , Florence

Date: Saturday 16 March 2019


Saturday, March 16th between Impact Hub Florence and BUH! Urban cultural club

Mondovisioni - the International Documentaries

Documentary Films / Talk / Live & Djset / Street Food from the world

A review of documentaries on current events, human rights and information edited by CineAgenzia in collaboration with Internazionale. Saturday, March 16 also lands in Florence Mondovisioni , a collection of films presented during the International Festival in Ferrara and then offered on a tour in many Italian cities.

The Florentine stage will be held in the spaces of Impact Hub Florence and BUH! Urban cultural circle and will see the screening of documentary films accompanied by talks with experts and journalists of the sector.

For the duration of the event Cozinha Popular - Street Food from the world in collaboration with the Association "The Missing Rings", in the evening the concert the Syrian musician Wael Alkak and the DJ set of Ant aka A-Tweed.

The program of Mondovisioni starts at 10:30 with the screening of El país roto by Melissa Silva Franco, a film that tells the daily life of the Venezuelan country in the middle of a political and economic crisis.

It is March 30, 2017 when Venezuela wakes up with a parliament without more powers. It will be the first step in a violent clash between the government and the opposition that will move from the halls of the National Assembly immediately in the streets of the country (in reply at 6.30 pm - film in Spanish with Italian subtitles). Following the talk "Live from Caracas" with Alessio Marchionna , journalist of Internazionale, head of the Americas pages.

At 12:00 the meeting entitled "Prima io. Europe to the test of sovereignisms " - with Alessandro Volpi , professor of Contemporary History, History of the labor and trade union movement and of Social History at the Department of Political Science of the University of Pisa. With him Maura Gancitano (Tlon) - moderates Riccardo Luciani, (Impact Hub Florence) and Alberto Zen (Mondovisioni).

With the film Eurotrump the directors Stephen Robert Morse and Nicholas Hampson provide an exclusive portrait of the Dutch Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for freedom, resumed during the election campaign for the legislative elections of 2017. Anti-Europeanist known for his positions against Islam , has been under guard for twelve years and one of the leading figures of the new European right (2:00 pm - in English and Dutch with Italian subtitles).

The legendary war correspondent Marie Colvin and the photojournalist Paul Conroy is dedicated Under the wire by Chris Martin, a film that tells the vicissitudes of the two British journalists illegally entered Syria in February 2012. Their goal is to document the tragedy of civilians trapped in the Homs city but only one of them will return home (3.30pm and 9.30pm - in English with Italian subtitles).

The political and electoral events of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are instead told in Kinshasa makambo of Dieudo Hamadi. In the film, three activists have been fighting for years for political change and free elections in their country. But before the umpteenth refusal of President Joseph Kabila to leave power, their streets separate (17:00 - in French and Lingala with Italian subtitles).

The afternoon program closes at 8 pm with the talk "Free Syria?" - with Paolo Pezzat i of Oxfam. Skype Skype Ivan Grozny Compasso , freelance journalist and collaborator among others of Il Manifesto, La Repubblica and Left. With this last publication he deals mainly with international issues with reports from Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina) and the Middle East (Turkey, Syria, Iraq) - moderates Riccardo Luciani, (Impact Hub Florence) and Alberto Zen (Mondovisioni ).

Starting from 11 pm, Syrian musician Wael Alkak, on stage with a concert that fuses genres and cultures. A graduate of the Damascus Conservatory of Music in Syria, he has been interested in Syrian folk music since he was very young, playing bouzouki, percussion, saxophone and keyboard, before devoting himself to electronic music. In closing the dj set of Ant aka A-Tweed: art name of Antonio De Oto. In the console he gives freshness, groove and good vibrations with his Afro, funk, hiphop, tropical vibes, cumbia and world music selections. In his sets he tells the black Africa, the alleys of New Orleans and the South American cumbie.


Contribution to cultural activity € 7

Valid for viewing all the documentaries and the evening concert / liveset.

Entrance reserved for ENTES 2018/2019 members

2018/2019 ENTES card fee - BUH! Urban cultural club € 3

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El país roto by Melissa Silva Franco

Eurotrump by Stephen Robert Morse and Nicholas Hampson

Kinshasa makambo of Dieudo Hamadi

Under the wire by Chris Martin

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