"Genius loci"

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Address: Piazza Santa croce , Florence

Date: Thursday 26 September 2019


From Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th September in the monumental complex of Santa Croce in Florence the third edition of the festival

History, memory and contemporaneity:

back "Genius loci", two nights and a dawn of events to discover Santa Croce

Unique scenarios such as the Cenacle, Brunelleschi's Cloister, Arnolfo's Cloister will be animated by over 20 events including Massimo Cacciari & Maurizio Ghelardi, Marcello Fois & Boosta, Marina Rei & Paolo Benvegnù, Diodato, Chiara Frugoni and Lilac For People, among which former King Crimson collaborator Keith Tippett

The program also includes a tribute to Umberto Eco and the 50 years since the landing with songs dedicated to the famous satellite, between myth and romance

Closed at dawn on September 28th with the special event with the performance of the " Galata Mevlevi Ensemble" Dervisci Rotanti from Turkey

Bookings active on the site eventbrite.it starting from September 17th

The hypnotic dance of the Rotating Dervishes at dawn in the Cloister of Arnolfo; the reading of Marcello Fois on the sounds created by Boosta dei Subsonica; the dialogue between Massimo Cacciari and Maurizio Ghelardi ; the concert of former King Crimson collaborator Keith Tippett , with his wife Julie. And again, the concerts by Diodato and the duo Marina Rei & Paolo Benvegnù , the lectio magistralis by Chiara Frugoni on Franciscan iconography, the live by Lilac For People : these are just some of the protagonists and events at the center of the third edition of Genius Loci , a festival that, from 26 to 28 September , accompanies the general public to discover one of the symbolic places of Florence, the monumental complex of Santa Croce .

Santa Croce opens its doors to the contemporary and its secular spaces can be rediscovered, or discovered, with the original light of languages that offer the opportunity to live them in an absolutely unusual way. The initiative, organized by Controradio , by the association Controradio Club and Opera di Santa Cro ce in collaboration with La Nottola Di Minerva , with the contribution of the Municipality of Florence for Fiorentina Estate 2019 and the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Florence , proposes a program rich in an intimate atmosphere, in the most fascinating and significant scenarios of Santa Croce, namely the Cloister of Brunelleschi, the Cenacle, the Cloister of Arnolfo .

On the nights of September 26th and 27th and at the dawn of the 28th it will be possible to explore the immense beauty and great history that Santa Croce has cherished for centuries, right where some of the greatest minds in history rest, such as Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli and Alfieri . Suggestions that make it a privileged stage for events with a contemporary attitude and that interpret the genius loci, literally the spirit of the place, in a modern key . History and memory will be two of the keys to understanding the 2019 edition , in the year in which the anniversary of the extraordinary encounter between Francis and the Sultan is celebrated: 800 years ago during the Fifth Crusade, the Saint of Assisi embarked and September 20, 1219 he met the Sultan of Egypt al-Malik al-Kamil with whom he entertained what we can consider the first interreligious dialogue in history. And the memory of that dialogue resurfaces with the presence of the Rotating Dervishes "Galata Mevlevi" of Islamic Sufi brotherhoods who will perform at dawn on September 28th in the Cloister of Arnolfo. The Lectio magistralis will also speak of St. Francis which will be held by the historian Chiara Frugoni, starting from the pictorial representation that Giotto made in the Bardi Chapel in Santa Croce. Memory and history therefore, which go hand in hand with the contemporary flavor, in an unprecedented night vision of Santa Croce ( the free entrance on reservation until seats are available, active on the site eventbrite.it from 17 September ).

Tommaso Sacchi , Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Florence states: "For the third consecutive year the extraordinary monumental complex of Santa Croce will become an exceptional" theater "in which great protagonists of the artistic and national and international cultural scene will perform. Artists, musicians, writers and intellectuals will bring thoughts and words, will spread music and emotions, in the Cloister of Arnolfo, in the Vasari Cenacle and inside the Brunelleschi Cloister. A very original way to re-read a unique space, a heritage of humanity, little known in all its multiple artistic and architectural dimensions. An unusual way to lead Florentines to discover the beauty and history of the city. An extraordinary initiative in consonance with the spirit of the place that will be taken care of by the Controradio Association, within the Summer of Florence.

Irene Sanesi , president of the Opera of Santa Croce, adds: “Genius loci is nourished by the spirit that pervades Santa Croce and that comes from being a unique meeting place for events, characters and works of art. This event represents a convinced choice of openness to the city, it wants to return Santa Croce to its community, to the civic and urban fabric to which it belongs, overcoming the schemes and methods of the most common tourist visit. Genius loci in these three years has established itself in the cultural city scene for the quality of the proposal and for the great participation. This gives rise to our intention to make the event an integral part of the cultural programming of the Opera in the future, in the awareness that knowledge of the past allows us to experience the heritage of Santa Croce in the present and to lay the foundations of new perspectives for the time in to come".

Closes Marco Imponente , general manager of Controradio: “Concerts, talk shows and original site-specific productions: more than twenty performances that will take place in Santa Croce in the three days of the music and word show. A link between history, memory and contemporaneity and a truly unique place that from a simple stage becomes the protagonist, like events, leaving a mark, an emotional memory, in the artist and in the spectator. "Genius Loci" induces the viewer to "discover" some of the most beautiful and evocative spaces of the Santa Croce complex, a unique place in the world. An experience to try together ”.

The program in detail:

The historic Chiara Frugoni is entrusted with the opening, Thursday 26 at 7.15 pm in the Cenacle , with the lectio magistralis on the figure of St. Francis and the representation that Giotto made of it in the pictorial cycle of the Bardi Chapel in Santa Croce: the sanctity of Francis is measured with the dissonant diversity of the historical context of his time. Following the concert by the saxophonist Mirko Guerrini paired with the pianist Andrea Keller , one of the excellences of Australian music (8.30 pm, Cenacolo); the reading of Marcello Fois on the sounds created by Boosta dei Subsonica (9.30 pm, Cenacle), while the guitars, voices and electronics of Canadians arrive directly from Canada Efrim Manuel Menuck (founder of Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and Kevin Doria , who with their extravagant musical melancholy will incite a romantic rebellion (10.45 pm, Cenacle).

Among the many voices , also the enveloping one of the young Francesca Gaza , who with her modern ensemble (formed by Jacopo Fagioli on trumpet, ficorno, Francesco Panconesi on tenor saxophone; Federico D'Angelo on baritone sax, bass clarinet; Lorenzo Pellegrini on guitar and Mattia Galeotti on drums) will present " Lilac for people ", a project that has its roots in jazz, but feeds on the suggestions of pop and electronics to create an original and dreamy pop chamber jazz (09/26 at 7.45pm Brunelleschi's Cloister ). At 8.45 pm Gianni Coscia (accordion) and Gianluigi Trovesi (clarinets) will perform in a tribute concert to Umberto Eco , in is a nostalgic and exploratory musical journey, which also refers to the music mentioned in Eco's book “The mysterious flame of Queen Loana "And its philosophical themes (26/09, 8.45 pm, Brunelleschi's Cloister). Also scheduled are Diodato's concerts (26/09 at 22.00 Chiostro del Brunelleschi) and guitarists Finaz (Bandabardò), Riccardo Onori (Jovanotti, Stefano Bollani, Diaframma, Dirotta su Cuba) and Andrea Faccioli (Lights of the Power Station, Baustelle ) who will perform in the performance " Strings on the moon ", a tribute to the moon with 50 years of songs dedicated to the famous satellite , between myth and romanticism ( 26/09 at 10:40 pm Chiostro del Brunelleschi). Arnolfo's Cloister will host the choreographies of Camilla Monga and Pieradolfo Ciulli and the music of Filippo Vignato in "Golden Variations ", a tribute to the historical Goldberg Variations performed by Glenn Gould (7.30 pm); " This is your land " is the title of the solo work of the sax by Francesco Bearzatti who, with his music, explores the deserts and oceans with barges and means of luck (7.45 pm).

The program on Friday 27th will open at 7.15pm with a talk by Maurizio Ghelardi , professor at the Scuola Normale of Pisa and the philosopher Massimo Cacciari who, moderated by the journalist Raffaele Palumbo, will talk about the theme " Madness and Salvation " (27/09 19.45 , Cenacle); actresses Gaia Nanni and Daniela Morozzi will be the protagonists of the musical reading " Anima Mundi" by Vincenzo Zitello, where, accompanied by the Celtic harp and bardic harp, the universality of human rights will be invoked through philosophy and literature (8.30 pm, Cenacle). The melodies that spring from the sentimental and artistic union of the former King Crimson Keith Tippett , historic British progressive rock band, with his wife Julie , unique singer with a dreamy timbre (hours) are sweet and dynamic, if necessary. 21.45, Cenacle). Following at the 23rd concert by pianist Alessandro Lanzoni , who has collaborated with musicians such as Ralph Alessi, Thomas Morgan and Eric McPherson (11.00 pm, Cenacolo).

On Friday 27 the musicians Alessandro di Puccio al vibraphone and Giulio Ottanelli on the alto sax will delight the public with Renaissance music from the Medici court (7.30 pm and continue with part II at 11.30 pm); Gabriele Evangelista and Gabriele Ponticelli will perform in "Alone together" duet, designed and produced for the first time for "Genius Loci" (8.30 pm).

Various occasions to enjoy the ancient architecture that are preserved in Santa Croce, such as the one in the Chiostro del Brunelleschi where on Friday 27 the Handlogic concert , winners of the 2016 edition of the Rock Contest (8 pm), will follow one another in a musical pinwheel; the Hobbies Horse, a collective trio that offers an unpredictable mix of styles and genres, sometimes violent encounters between musical languages, from slam poetry to hip hop, bossa nova, psychedelia, prog rock, techno and chamber music (9.00 pm) and finally the duo of Marina Rei & Paolo Benvegnù, where the two artists of the Italian scene play and experiment, as if it were a confidential dialogue between two friends proposing "Songs against carelessness in box" (at 9.45 pm).

In closing, in the Cloister of Arnolfo at dawn on September 28th, the hypnotic dance from Turkey of the Dervishes Rotating " Galata Mevlevi Ensemble", directed by Maestro Sheik Nail Kesova. Declared by UNESCO as "Cultural Heritage of Humanity" they now represent the symbol of Eastern mysticism, which originated in ancient times, in the thirteenth century or so. Theirs is a very intense show, emotionally and spiritually, and captures the audience and hypnotizes it. Dressed in a white tunic like a shroud, a headdress that recalls the headstones of Muslim countries, arms open to the sky and eyes turned to the heart, the dervishes dance, twirling and turning around their master.

To promote the knowledge and enhancement of Santa Croce, Controradio with Opera di Santa Croce has made a series of videos and radio broadcasts that will be broadcast through the media in the coming days. In addition, the Opera di Santa Croce offers the opportunity for a cycle of guided tours that will be available until January 2020 through which it will be possible to discover Santa Croce with three original routes that tell the story of a unique place and its extraordinary heritage artistic, where religious and civil values are intertwined and expressed in an absolutely special way. The tours will also be an opportunity to learn about some areas of rare beauty that are not included in the usual tour of the monumental complex.

Admission to Genius Loci is free, subject to availability. Reservations can be made from September 17th through the site eventbrite.it . In order to allow a wider use than the one physically available, Controradio will produce a live radio broadcast (FM 93.6 - 98.9) and Facebook (Controradio Firenze) of the event.

Visits to the Santa Croce Opera will take place from 5 October to 4 January 2020 and are open to a limited number of participants, booking is recommended (info: www.santacroceopera.it - booking@santacroceopera.it - tel. 055.2466105 (int.3)

Booking and purchase: http://ticka.santacroceopera.it/


Other events on Thursday 26 September :

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