Duet D'autore _ The half seasons no longer exist & Chapter I

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Address: Chiostro Grande - Santa Maria Novella

Date: Wednesday 25 July 21:30 - 23:30


:: Florence Dance Performing Arts Festival #NovellaClassica _29 ° And 3 July - 2 August 2018
Santa Maria Novella _ Great Cloister

● 25 year 2018

KinesiS Contemporary Dance Company
choreography by Angelo Egarese

Choreography by Gigi Nieddu

Florence Dance Perfoming Arts Festival
➡All ​​on www.florencedancefestival.org
INFOLINE: festival@florencedance.org
T .: +39 055 289276 • Mob .: +39 392 912 4363

#novellaclassica #florencedafestival
Angelo Egarese directed and choreographed
Music Antonio Vivaldi, AA VV
Scenographies Saul Rescigno
Photo Alessandro Botticelli
Video Maker Caterina Ciabatti
Dancers: Camilla Baccini, Eleonora Chiaramonti, Elisa Gagliardi, Francesca Roini, Federica Taffoni

The new production of the Kinesis CDC 2018 is a new completion work, a story that in its own way tells the story of life without the middle, in which the ups and downs are the basis of the choreographic and dramaturgical guidelines.
Prejudices, clichés, beliefs, are all those things that each of us believes we know based on not a true information, but a more or less passively shared perception. An exhilarating show, but at the same time that
it makes us reflect on real life. The famous compositions by A. Vivaldi create an almost perfect marriage for this whole show
to discover.

Archetype - Choreographic residency project
at the Teatro Comunale dell'Antella.

● MYSTES Chapter I
Direction & Choreography: Gigi Nieddu
Choreography Assistant: Jessica Capanni
Dancers: Jessica Capanni, Neri Bonciani, Selene Selenina Papeschi, Jane Llaha, Costanza Delfino, Sara Cencetti, Federica Vallesi
Music: r.roo
Costumes: Alessandra Lucaccini

Chapter I is the new work of the Mystes Company that narrates the vicissitudes of a writer in a crisis of ideas. After having developed with Dreamscape, the theme of the mystery rite and the difficult relationship between reality and vision, with Chapter I Gigi Nieddu enters the process of artistic creation showing its contradiction, fatigue and, at the same time, power.
Starting from the idea that each journey begins with a step, every dream with a single image and every work from an initial breath, the writer gives rise to a long mental journey that will reveal itself unknown to him.
It is precisely by penetrating the meanderings of one's own mind that the author will be able to give life to a series of images that will become blurred and blurred, to free themselves and impose themselves beyond his own will and conscience.
Creation is not this? Be it painting, music, dance, art is made up of a thousand languages, and every expression is the result of unique experiences and sensations.

Florence Dance Festival www.florencedancefestival.org
With the support of Comune Di Firenze Florentine Summer City Metro Florence Tuscany Region MiBACT Uffizi Gallery Uffizi Gallery Santa Maria Novella CR Firenze Foundation

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