“Materia Prima”, ninth edition of the Murmuris festival

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Address: Piazza Santa Maria Novella , Florence

Date: Tuesday 14 September 2021


Starting tomorrow Materia Prima , ninth edition of the Murmuris festival with the show of the Lunazione Collective

From 14 to 18 September 2021, for the second year in the Great Cloister of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, a program of performances and meetings, reflection on 'today and tomorrow look on, through the theater

Some of the most lively and relevant productions are on the program, those of the Lombardi Tiezzi Company, Fausto Paravidino Francesca Sarteanesi; Babilonia Teatri and the homage to Piazzolla with the guitarist Luigi Attademo and the Argentine anthropologist Maria Susana Azzi

For the duration the special installation on the role of the family today Family Affair of the ZimmerFrei Collective

Starts Tuesday, September 14 in the Great Cloister of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, the siege of Lunation Collective, in the ninth edition of the Materia Prima festival, an investigation into the contemporary through shows and meetings curated by Murmuris , a cultural reality that works for the promotion of contemporary theater.

From the monumental cloisters, charming place that welcomes the festival for the second year in a row, partir à a reflection on 'today and a look into the future, a bridge to the suburbs, the sacred Florence and everyday, thanks to more vibrant contemporary theater productions and relevant Italian and international research. The review is in collaboration and has the support of City of Florence for Fiorentina Estate 2021, Tuscany Region, a City Metro, CR Firenze Foundation, Unicoop Florence. She was born at the Cantiere Teatro Florida, of which Murmuris is a part of the creative multiresidence.

At the opening, Il Colloquio ” by Collettivo Lunazione , the drama of many people who indirectly serve a sentence (14/09). The dramaturgy of Eduardo Di Pietro, with 'assistant director of Cecilia Lupoli, he sees on stage Renato Bisogni, Alessandro Errico and Marco Montecatino . The actors impersonate three women waiting to enter the interview with their relatives in prison, an alienating, alienating, difficult to sustain situation, which is presented to the public with the mechanisms of a comic theater, even if it is not comic at all. The originality of the dramatic language is to weave several levels of meaning to consider bringing the plight of many people who indirectly serving a sentence (In-Box Award finalist in 2021).

The festival continues with Compagnia Lombardi Tiezzi and Roberto Latini in "Venus and Adonis (We're from the same lack of which dreams are made)", the 'Earth and the divine love in the disarming of an inescapable destiny, through fragments in' imagination of classical authors (from Shakespeare to Titian, Rubens, Canova, Carracci, Ovidio - 09/15); l 'last incredible work of' genius 'of the Italian theater Fausto Paravidino, entitled "Something Stupid,"' something fiercely unproven and not written, an attempt - not yet desperate - to catch life and stick it in the theater, to understand who we are and to build communities, in short, to do that almost illegal thing of being together in one place and talking to each other '(09/16). And again: " Sergio " by and with Francesca Sarteanesi , one of the most interesting writers / actresses of the national scene, in soliloquy intimate and disarming evoking the routine of married life, spent among the remorse and 'habituation to the newspaper, looking for a complicated balance, look dramatic for women (17 / 09), the project also came to life thanks to the period of residence at Florida Shipyard Theater ). Closing with Babilonia Theaters in " Calcinculo " , a tale of our age of walls and fears. A show in which music and theater contaminate and dialogue in an incessant and dizzying way, with which the world around us is told with a sharp, sad and ironic gaze. We eat fast, work fast, live fast, but dream of a 'happy island that is slow (18/09).

In the Matter program even before the 'Homage to Astor Piazzolla, the centenary of his birth, with the recital of guitar Luigi Attademo , the performance of the singer Paola Scoppa who will interpret some songs , and the meeting with the Argentine anthropologist Maria Susana Azzi , one of the most important biographers of the composer, who, interviewed by the journalist Gregorio Moppi , will present the new biography from title Astor Piazzolla. A life for Music ”, published by the Sillabe Publisher in collaboration with Opera Laboratori (promoters of the publishing initiative), with the patronage of the Fundación Astor Piazzolla and the Fundación Internacional Carlos Gardel. A necdotes, memories and a profile of an artist who has dignified and internationalized the tango (18/09).

In the calendar, the special artistic installation on the role of the family today " Family Affair " by the ZimmerFrei Collective , visible for the entire duration of the festival, a documentary and participatory theater project that portrays in an original way the "state of the art" of the contemporary family , adopting a different point of view each time (for example different generations of sons and daughters, motherhood and motherhood, ancestors, fathers, childfree adults, brotherhood or the world of performers and artists with their families) . Following the meeting " Truth and representation between cinema and theater " by Festival dei Popoli , with the screening of the documentary Piazzale Europa by the young Mugello director Marta Innocenti (with Andrea Sanarelli, Eleonora Ferri, Mariano Beck), fresh from the screening of another of his works, "The siege", at the Cannes Film Festival ( 15/09) .

The following day, the performance dedicated to the work of Pier Vittorio Tondelli, on the thirtieth anniversary of his death, by the author Luca Starita and Olga Campofreda , inspired by some unpublished writings of the Emilian writer on youth (16/09).

Finally, Friday 17 September at 3 pm at the Teatro Cantiere Florida will be held the open rehearsal of “Anima”, of Le Vie del fool directed by Simone Perinelli, the new work of the Lazio company much appreciated in the national circuits and beyond. The show is the result of the period of residence that the company made at the Florida Theater.

Murmuris deals with the promotion of contemporary theater through projects, workshops, shows, organization of events and festivals. The fundamental theme of Murmuris ' identity is the continuous comparison between the different languages of the live show and the investigation of the complex relationship between scene and audience. Convinced of the public role that culture should have in terms of civic improvement, extension of participation and renewal of society A Murmuris engages primarily in the 'organization of training events dedicated to young people on issues such as violence, l' identity and a community. Parallel to the activities à creation and production of shows, Murmuris deals with organization: 2007-2013 deals with the Artistic and organizational management of the Theater Everest in Florence, and later became part of 2013 Creative multiresidenza the Teatro Cantiere Florida Florence, realized with the support of the Tuscany Region in 'scope of activities in a support and dissemination of culture and the performing arts.

He says Laura Croce , artistic director of Murmuris : “ We had to give up the last winter and spring program again. We are here today to recover what we have lost, a further opening us to the city, creating a summer program who could give the public the pleasure of sharing. During the months of closure we continued unabated meetings with our groups of aware spectators, the result of the Casateatro and Teens projects that we have been conducting in the Region for years now, involving about 500 people in total. Well, it is indescribable desire to return to see a quality theater, to come together to watch the original content, to get together to listen. "

About info@murmuris.it ; web www.murmuris.it . FACEBOOK: @murmurismurmuris INSTAGRAM: murmurismurmuris TWITTER: @murmurisfirenze.

Cloister 5 shows full 50 euros, reduced 30 euros.


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