Christmas concert for Apurìmac

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Address: Piazza Santo Spirito , Florence

Date: Wednesday 19 December 2018


On December 19th at 7.00 pm, in Santo Spirito, the concert for sick children of the Augustinian Mission of Apurìmac is back

Like every year, the Augustinian Community of Florence is pleased to invite you to the Christmas Concert in favor of the sick children of the Apulìmac (Peru). On December 19th at 7 pm at the Basilica of Santo Spirito there will be a concert of the choir " Menura Vocal Ensemble " directed by Maestro Edoardo Materassi . The proceeds from the concert will be entirely dedicated to the sick children of the Augustinian Mission of Apurìmac in Peru.

On the website of the Augustinian Province of Italy you can find information on the Vicariate of Apurìmac.

Made especially for this occasion, Vita semper vincit is a tree of life in terracotta , made up of eighty thousand pieces and two meters high and thirty seven centimeters . Interpreting in an original way the ancient tradition of the "Easter crib", along its vertical development the work narrates episodes of the history of Salvation , with scenes taken from the Old and New Testaments: from the creation of Adam and Eve to original sin , from the Annunciation, to the birth of Jesus, to his passion and death, to the resurrection.
Vita semper vincit will be exhibited in the Sagrestia del Sangallo of the Basilica of Santo Spirito, in Florence, in a silent dialogue with Michelangelo's Crucifix, a youthful masterpiece of the Renaissance master. Inside the Basilica, moreover thirty other works by Marcello Aversa will be placed , also in terracotta, dedicated to the Annunciation, the Nativity and the Adoration of the Magi. Marcello Aversa (Sant'Agnello, Naples, 1966) is the most original heir of the eighteenth-century Neapolitan tradition: he made the miniature his figure, to better respond to the One who infinitely chooses to become infinitely small, to the Creator who it's a creature.
The microcosm of Aversa is an invitation to research, to marvel in step (or rather to look) slow, to dwell on those details that require time and that otherwise escape. His characters have dimensions ranging from eight millimeters to ten centimeters in height, and inhabit a scenario modeled in a single block of clay, baked in the oven at almost one thousand degrees. The exhibition is promoted by Fondazione Crocevia and Basilica di Santo Spirito . Preparation by Studio 2G with Siram's technical sponsorship. Marcello Aversa
The song of life
Basilica and Sacristy of Santo Spirito Piazza Santo Spirito, 30 - Florence
8 December 2018 - 2 February 2019 Opening on Friday 7 December 2018 at 6.00 pm Mass
6.45 pm Presentation and concert
Visiting hours of the Basilica Feriali: 10-13 / 15-18
Holidays: 11.30-13.30 / 15-18 Information e-mail:


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