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Address: Via Puccetti, 3 , Prato

Date: Wednesday 31 July 2019


Wednesday 31 July 2019 at 21.30
Music by Tenco_Schumann

Transcriptions and arrangements of the strings from the original by Marco Bucci

Ginevra Di Marco, voice
Francesco Magnelli, arrangements, keyboards, magnellophoni
Andrea Salvadori, guitars
String Quartet Our Times

A Nem Production - New Musical Events

It is Ginevra di Marco with the production dedicated to Luigi Tenco in the 80 years since his birth, the protagonist of the concert. Says Ginevra Di Marco: “The Nem proposal has reopened a world for me, Tenco's repertoire has been part of my family and our personal memories for generations. Re-listening to her songs, even the lesser-known ones, made me rediscover her greatness, an artist able to give back the profound meaning of life, whether she told about loves or about social denunciation. Among other things, Tenco was a saxophonist, in his songs there are incredible melodic textures, a harmonious opening that is generally difficult to find in rock music ”.

The famous pieces of Tenco such as "Vedrai vedrai", "Io si", "Angela", "Lontano lontano" will be interspersed with pieces of classical music such as the String Quartet n. 3 in A major by Robert Schumann, in full tradition New Musical Events in whose programs the greatest authors of all time come together.

The link between Di Marco and Tenco is long: in 2017, Geneva was the winner of the 2017 Targo Tenco as best performer, while in "Donna Ginevra" in 2009, for which it had already won the Targa Tenco, he recorded "Io sì" , Tenco's masterpiece, re-read as a sirtaki. Tenco, songwriter, actor, poet, composer and multi-instrumentalist, is considered by most critics to be one of the greatest Italian songwriters of all time. His artistic revolution can be found in the desire for a profound break with traditional Italian music and the need to deal with avant-garde themes such as human sentiment in its crudeness, love under its multiple perspectives, existential experiences, up to social criticism such as politics, ideology, women's rights, war and issues of marginalization.

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