Bistrot del Mondo - da Bobo all'Acciaiolo

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Name: Bistrot del Mondo - da Bobo all'Acciaiolo

Address: Via Pantin , Florence

Tel: 055 735 1620



As we read on the official website , "From Bobo all'Acciaiolo" it is not an inn any, let alone a restaurant with no identity.

These are his characteristic aspects that qualify.

In first place the identity with the territory.
Then the link with the Florentine and Tuscan cuisine tra generally. At the same time the availability to knowledge and exchange with the culinary experiences from around the world.
The Bistrot of the world is of course open to welcome the chefs of each country, and anyone who wants to propose something innovative, provided corresponding to the "good criteria, clean and fair."

So traceability, ie the opportunity to know what is in the pot, those who provided or produced. When possible, the supplier is indicated directly in the dishes on the menu.

Then the short chain. Where possible, of course, not for all the products it is, we try to find nearby products: as they say now become a customary term "km 0". In any case suppliers are mainly local.
Of course, we always have maximum flexibility in order to know the products of the Deans and food communities from around the world.
short chain however, is the watchword for the expenditure of every day, especially fruit and vegetables (for which there is the criterion of seasonality).

Finally, conviviality and willingness to explain, illustrate, comment what you do and eat, according to our commitment to food and taste education.

Spending is done every day.

The price is not considered as usual "bread and cover."

You will find all this and more right away? Probably not, especially at the beginning when the organizational, logistical problems, the staff will not let it completely.
Our commitment will go in this direction, however, and require you to contribute with comments, criticisms and suggestions to make it happen.

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