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Address: Black Lodge Piazza Del Tiratoio 6R

Date: Saturday 23 December 22:00 - 02:00


New appointment with the best of the independent sounds of the Italian scene: SEX PIZZUL, or the impossible union of football and music .... that for the occasion will turn some parts of their brand new Video Clip at the Black Lodge during the live!

Francesco D'Elia and Simone Vassallo (both already with Samuel Katarro / King of the Opera), to kill the heat of the Agostana Fiorentina, decide to use the last days of vacation closing in the cellar and trying to play with an old synth and a drums battle. The two note that the result, an anarchic but well marked rhythmic imprint, would marry very well with the Sunday evening football highlights. Then the question arises: can you play like you go down on a soccer field? Can soccer take on a specific background image of a musical form?
Little by little, the two are convinced that all this is possible, but need a trusted partner to forge the final sound: Irene Bavecchi (formerly Kill The Nice Guy and currently in Le Furie) is therefore immediately in the game, despite the football only bear it in the company of beers. This brings us to the result of this first album, a football poster in the form of music, a union - obviously possible - between these two worlds to which the choice of the name of the band is a seal: a tribute to a tutelary deer of Italian football - Bruno Pizzul, historical RAI commentator who commented on the national team's games from '86 to 2002 marking with his voice and his style the memory of some generations - merged with the name of the anarchist band par excellence. Sex Pizzul are born to tell real, plausible and false myths, without any nostalgic intent, bearing in mind that it is only a game, though sometimes terribly serious; and, from a purely musical point of view, trying to face it just by playing (or playing, which is the same thing). Anarchy undoubtedly means improvisation, from which the passages of this record were born; movement, or rhythm parts in the foreground; dynamism, because football is played this way today and because sometimes you can even dance; fun, because football is the most genuine sense. It could be called mundial disco punk or match-rock. The fact remains that the approach is dirty and essential: a distorted synth, an aggressive bass, a tribal drums and three non-singers on vocals. No sampling or overdubs: naked and raw, punk is and punk remains.

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