The Priester Sisters [Praga-swing]

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Address: Black Lodge Piazza Del Tiratoio 6R

Date: Thursday 21 September 22:00 - Friday 22 September 23:30


The PRIESTER SISTERS are three sisters from the Czech Republic who propose the swing of the 1930s and 1950s in the vocal style of Andrew Sisters. Obligate young people from the family to learn how to play an instrument, Lucia began with the violin while the other two sisters did not get good results with the same instrument. Threatened by the parents not being able to go home unless they had mixed up with the music, Victoria tried the piano and went much better. But for Barbora, the most lazy of the three, things were getting worse when he did not realize that the guitar was more simple than the violin and the piano and applied it so much that allowed him to improve rather quickly. The three sisters then began playing together developing a great mastery of vocal harmony and a remarkable talent on their respective instruments. After replacing the piano (far too heavy for Victoria to bring around) with the accordion and worked a bit on the look, the Priester Sisters began to bring their swing repertoire of smiles, small instrumental prodigies and perfect harmony vowels.
Barbora Priester - voice, guitar
Victoria Priester - voice, accordion
Lucia Priester - voice, violin

Presented by Ofen Booking - Berlin

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