Brozzi Medieval Festival - XIII edition

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Address: Brozzi , Florence

Date: Saturday 14 September 2019


A jump in the Middle Ages at the Shadow of the Brozzi Tower
Brozzi Medieval Festival - XIII edition

14 September 2019

Brozzi - Florence (FI)

Saturday, September 14, 2019 will return to animate the streets, squares, courtyards and alleys of the ancient village of Brozzi the medieval festival " A leap into the Middle Ages in the shadow of the Tower of Brozzi ", now in its thirteenth edition .

Also this year, in the few hours between the opening of the activities in the early afternoon ( around 3.30 pm ) and the conclusion of the celebrations in the late evening ( around 11.00 pm ), the event will offer visitors a wide range of attractions and entertainment for all tastes : shows, parades, games, concerts, artistic performances, historical re-enactments and all kinds of entertainment.

It will be possible to witness the passage of processions of characters in armor and vintage clothing and performances by skilful flag-wavers , admire theatrical performances of various kinds, let oneself be moved by medieval music and dances , be carried away by the performances of street artists and stilt walkers .

In particular, as tradition has it, it will be possible to watch the parade of the prestigious Historical Procession of the Florentine Republic and the performances of the Bandierai degli Uffizi , precisely the official ones of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino.

The party will abound with opportunities for fun and entertainment, especially for the younger visitors, who will be called upon to put their reflexes to the test with some games of skill and dexterity of medieval inspiration, such as the always appreciated and crowded game of I ' Bischero a Mollo and the now-usual Giostra del Saracino , Stiaccia la Noce , Target Shooting , Game of Castle and Dancing Circle .

Children will then be able to show their courage by daring to sneak into the gloomy and smoking Antro della Witch Witch , familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of the ancient archery technique of historical archery , and experiment with some of their now lost arts and professions: example at the Schola of young scribes they will be able to learn the rudiments of medieval calligraphy, while at the rope station they will try to make a real hemp rope.

Moreover in the afternoon our very young guests will be able to attend the performances of the Puppet Theater , which will offer a scenic narration inspired by Oscar Wilde's story "Il principe felice".

Not only: in Piazza Primo Maggio, a novelty this year, a talented Madonna will let children and young people experience this ancient figurative art, and they will be called upon to try their hand with colored chalks in making beautiful drawings on the asphalt of the square.

Adults and children can then learn how to play with ancient board games and dice at the benches of the historic Guild of Baratteria.

Visitors will also be able to witness the faithful historical reconstruction of some long-forgotten ancient trades , such as the painter, the chiseller, the chaplain, the gunsmith, the weaver, the apothecary and even the executioner. Valenti artisans will recall the working of metals, ceramics, stone and many other ancient techniques.

At the numerous food counters it will finally be possible to taste, as in the medieval taverns and taverns, the dishes and drinks used by the ancient inhabitants of Brozzi, some of which are nowadays forgotten or outdated.

As per tradition, visitors will be asked to lend themselves with sympathy to the amusing fiction of the local pseudo- historical currency, the now mythical Brozzino , that visitors can obtain at the exchange rate of 1 Euro = 1 Brozzino at the benches of the Office of Currency exchange placed in two different places in the area affected by the event.

Many and intriguing news compared to previous editions.

In addition to the aforementioned presence of an expert Madonnara, who will inspire younger visitors to become familiar with their ancient art, it is necessary to point out at least the very welcome return of the falconers' demonstrations in Piazza Primo Maggio, the farce representation of a medieval banquet at the Court of the Carbonaio, the ancestral tales of an extravagant healer, a double review of medieval songs and medieval songs by an a cappella choir (in the main square of the town) and a traveling singer.

As usual, entry will be free and free for all.

The following is the program of the main events that will enliven the thirteenth edition of the medieval festival of Brozzi:

- 3.30 pm: Opening of the Medieval Market, of the Fair of the Ancient Trades and of the Money Change Office;

- 4.00 pm: Large parade of the historical procession of the Florentine Republic along Via di Brozzi, departing from the 334 theater in Via di Brozzi n. 334;

- 4.30 pm: Exhibition of the Uffizi Bannerers in Piazza Primo Maggio;

- 4.45 pm: Show by the Puppet Theater at the Doctor's Court at no. 425 of Via di Brozzi;

- 5.00 pm: Concert by the Young Musicians of the Paolo Uccello School at the Corte del Carbonaio at no. 452 of Via di Brozzi;

- 5.15 pm: Falconry demonstration on the north side of Piazza Primo Maggio;

- 5.45 pm: Concert by the Young Musicians of the Paolo Uccello School at the Corte del Carbonaio at no. 452 of Via di Brozzi;

- 6.00 pm: Contest of the Young Madonnari in the central part of Piazza Primo Maggio;

- 6.15 pm: Performance by the Puppet Theater at the Doctor's Court at no. 425 of Via di Brozzi;

- 18.30: Farsese re-enactment of a Medieval Banquet at the Court of the Carbonaio at nc 452 of Via di Brozzi;

- 7.00 pm: Falconry demonstration on the north side of Piazza Primo Maggio;

- 9.15 pm: Review of a cappella Medieval Songs in Piazza Primo Maggio;

- 10.00 pm: Final parade of the festival along Via di Brozzi, starting from no. 447, with the accompaniment of the Wandering Musicians;

- 10.15pm: Closing of the celebrations in Piazza Primo Maggio with the fiery artistic exhibition Elements.

The medieval festival " A leap into the Middle Ages in the shadow of the Torrione di Brozzi " is an event organized by the Center for Free Age Together for Brozzi - Group 334 APS and by the Municipality of Florence - Quartiere 5, with the collaboration of other associations of the area.

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