"a jump in the Middle Ages in the shadow of the Brozzi Tower"

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Address: Brozzi , Florence

Date: Saturday 16 September 2017


A Jump in the Middle Ages at the Shore of the Tower of Brozzi
Brozzi Medieval Festival - XI edition
September 16, 2017Brozzi - Florence (FI)

Saturday, September 16, 2017 will return to animate the streets, squares, courtyards and alleys of the ancient village of Brozzi the medieval festival 'A jump in the Middle Ages in the shadow of the Tower of Brozzi'; which has now reached its eleventh edition, which will suggest the first decade of medieval festivals in that of Brozzi, which began just ten years ago, the remote on Saturday, September 15, 2007.
Also this year in the few hours between the opening of the activities in the early afternoon (about 3.30 pm) and the end of the late evening festivities (around 23.00) the event will offer visitors a wide range of attractions and entertainment for all tastes: shows, concerts, games, concerts, artistic performances, historical re-enactments and every kind of entertainment. It will be possible to witness the passage of parades of characters in armor and vintage dresses and the performance of valentine flagpersons, to admire vibrant theatrical performances of various genres, to be excited by medieval music and dances, to be dragged by the performances of comedians, artists of road and waders.
In particular, as tradition wants, it will be possible to attend the parade of the prestigious Historical Court of the Florentine Republic and the performance of the Bandierai degli Uffizi, just the official ones of Fiorentino Historical Football. The party will especially abound with leisure and fun occasions for the youngest visitors of the festival. They will be delighted with old table games at the banks of the Historical Baratteria's Guild and try their reflections with some of the medieval skill and skill games of skill, such as the always appreciated 'Bischero a Mollo', the Saracino's Giostra , 'Strip the Walnut', the Game of the Castle and others.
Children will then be able to demonstrate their courage by daring to penetrate the dreary and steaming worm of the Checca witch, learn the fundamentals of the timeless technique of archery with historical arches, and experience with their own hands some lost arts and professions, for example at Schola of the Young Amanuensis, where they can learn the rudiments of medieval calligraphy, and at the clay processing workshop, where the small visitors of the event will be able to manually confide with the realization of divas and clay artifacts. Also in Piazza Primo Maggio, the young guests will be able to attend the performances of the puppet theater in the afternoon.
Always in the square will be an area dedicated to the reception of the smallest guests of the party and their moms. Visitors will then be able to attend the faithful historical reconstruction of some of the old forgotten crafts, such as painters, painters, painters, and even painters. Valenti artisans will work on ceramics, wood, leather, metal and stone, as well as the manufacture of wicker baskets, books, wax candles, hemp ropes, and many other merchandise.

At the numerous gourmet taverns, it is possible to taste, like in the medieval taverns and taverns, the dishes and drinks used by the ancient inhabitants of Brozzi, some of which are nowadays forgotten or desuete.
As a consolidated tradition, visitors will be asked to sympathize with the funny fiction of the pseudo-local currency, the mythical Brozzino, which visitors will be able to obtain at the exchange rate of 1 Euro = 1 Brozzino at the banks of the Exchange Exchange Office Coin placed in two different places in the area affected by the event, to use it at the stalls of the medieval market and in dexterity and skill games.

Many and juicy are novelties compared to previous editions. The main event of the Brozzi Medieval Festival's 2017 edition, as well as the filrouge of the event, will certainly consist in the re-enactment of a real medieval wedding, which will involve a large number of performers and will be articulated in the afternoon at several moments or stages : the wedding procession, the stipulation of the Notary's contract, the bishop's blessing, the wedding party, and an exuberant themed comedy.

Among the other innovations in the program, it is worth noting, besides the well-mentioned return of the puppet theater, a brand new conclusive show and a new evening lighting system for the benches.
As usual, the entrance will be free and free for everyone.
What follows is the program of the main events that will animate the ninth edition of Brozzi's medieval festival:

- 15.30: Opening of the Medieval Market, the Fair of the Old Trades and the Currency Exchange Facility;
- 16.00: Great parade of the Historical Court of the Florentine Republic along Via di Brozzi, starting from the headquarters of the Spontaneo 334 Association in Via diBrozzi n. 334;
- 16.30 pm: Performance of the Uffizi Bandierai in Piazza Primo Maggio;
- 17.00 / 18.15 / 19.30: Concerts of young musicians at the Paolo Uccello School at the court at no. 425 of Via di Brozzi;
- 17.15 / 17.45 / 18.45 / 19.15: Performances of the Theater of the Puppets in the court on the east side of Piazza Primo Maggio - 18.00: Beginning of the recapture of a Medieval Wedding with the departure of its Bridal Court from n. 358 of Via di Brozzi;
- 19.00: Grand Final of the wedding re-enactment with the Wedding Party and the rendition of a farce-themed Comedy at the Corte del Carbonaiocon access from Via di Brozzi no. 452;
- 22.15 pm: Final parade of the feast along Via di Brozzi, starting from the crossroads with Via San Martino in Brozzi, with the accompaniment of errant musicians;
- 22.45 pm: Closure of the festivities in Piazza Primo Maggio with an unmistakable artistic exhibition.

The medieval festival "A jump in the Middle Ages in the shadow of the Torrione di Brozzi" is an event organized by the Association for Social Promotion Together for Brozzi, the Spontaneous Volunteer Association 334 and the City of Florence - Quartiere 5 in collaboration with other associative realities of the area.

For more information:
E-mail: info@festamedievalebrozzi.it - ​​festamedievalebrozzi@gmail.comSito
web: www.festamedievalebrozzi.it

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