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Address: Via C. Castracani, N. 110 , Lastra a Signa

Date: Saturday 06 June 2020


Bucolica, the agricultural cultural club

Two young Florentines aged 28 and 35 reinvent themselves and give life to a new reality that combines agro-ecology, culture and peasant traditions

It is called Bucolica and is a small urban farm in the middle of the inhabited center of Lastra a Signa, 10 km from Florence. Here Filippo Zammarchi, agronomist passionate about agri-ecology, and Riccardo Zammarchi, organizer of musical and food and wine events, have given new life to family lands abandoned for years.

In recent months, after having faced all the bureaucratic obligations related to the opening of the business, they had more than 50 initiatives scheduled between small events, guided tours, courses and tastings.
Then the emergency linked to the spread of Covid-19 forced them to reorganize their priorities, putting on a home delivery plan for those products that otherwise would have risked decay.

Now after a long wait they are finally ready to leave. From Friday 5 June Bucolica reopens to the public every weekend from 16 to 22 , with agricultural street food, short guided walks and direct sales.
In the circle of Lastra a Signa ancient grains, olive oil, honey, eggs, fruit, aromatic herbs and vegetables are naturally produced. But in the future, beekeeping, natural horticulture, sustainable olive growing and many activities for schools and children will also be offered.
The actual events will restart as soon as the regulatory framework is clear, but the Zammarchi brothers do not rule out recovering them as soon as possible. A farmer's market, the wheat festival and a weekly appointment with the popular Florentine song are on the way.

"During the lockdown we developed a home delivery system that allowed us to deliver hundreds of kg of ancient grain flour and mother yeast between Lastra a Signa and Florence, thus supporting the rediscovery of the rite of home baking during this long quarantine . With the reopening to the public our goal has returned to being the original one, that is to build a relationship with a community of people who takes care of what they eat, the nature that surrounds it and their territory. To do this you need to be able to tell and show how and where our work is carried out "- say Filippo (28 years old) and Riccardo (35 years old).

A Bucolica is cultivated according to the principles of agro-ecology, a set of techniques and relationships aimed at maintaining ecological balance in the agro-ecosystem. An approach in which we try to work with nature and not against it, observing and drawing inspiration from natural systems.
In the orchard of the company, for example, permanent grassing is maintained in some rows and in others, sowing plants of honey plants with high nectar potential for pollinating insects, such as bees that live at the foot of the plant. In the olive grove graze hens, which fertilize and keep the parasites under control in a natural way. Vegetables and aromatic herbs are grown, harvested and consumed in a micro-restaurant, to be able to savor the flavors from the field to the table.
And then there are the ancient grains, which rotate in the land to keep the soil tired and diversify production. The latter are characterized by a very large size, a high genetic variability, and nutritional characteristics different from the now conventional grains: lower gluten protein values, presence of secondary metabolites such as polyphenols, carotenoids, tocopherols and fibers. All elements responsible for perfumes and flavors, but which in addition perform a protective action for human health. During the so-called "green revolution", ancient grains were replaced by new, more productive varieties, established thanks to modern cultivation techniques, herbicides, mineral fertilizers and phytosanitary treatments. All this has led to a strong reduction of varietal biodiversity, so much so that ancient grains have risked and are still in danger of becoming extinct.

Bucolica's message is simple: “We have before us an exceptional opportunity to support courageous choices that protect the environment, biodiversity and local communities, made by aware people, small businesses and small producers. Let's not waste it. "


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