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Address: Via C. Castracani, N. 110 , Lastra a Signa

Date: Saturday 28 May 2022


from Wednesday to Sunday starting from May 18th

Bucolica: biodiversity, culture and community

100 cultural activities in 100 days of opening, including Tuscan folk traditions, yoga and meditation, activities for children, trekking, presentations, tastings and experiences.

An "agricultural cultural circle" where agriculture becomes a means of creating culture.

For the opening on May 18, a tribute to astrophysics Margherita Hack in the year of her centenary, in the company of Ginevra Di Marco, Francesco Magnelli and Andrea Salvadori.

A unique space of its kind. A farm where agriculture is a means of creating culture, where "We protect the biodiversity of our territories, the communities that inhabit them, local traditions, our health, that of our children and that of the generations to come" - proudly affirm Riccardo and Filippo Zammarchi, the two brothers who in 2020 - in full pandemic - gave life to this project that begins to intrigue and attract attention even beyond regional borders.

At Bucolica for the third consecutive season there is a weekly program of cultural activities designed to promote these concepts and bring people together.
Starting from Wednesday 18 May , the day of the inauguration, there are over 100 cultural activities in 100 days of programming of the Agricultural Cultural Circle of Lastra a Signa, a place away from the hectic pace of the city where nature and conviviality are once again protagonists.

And then space for popular Tuscan traditions, with dances, songs and octave rhyme; to yoga and well-being, with yoga in the olive grove, nindra, meditation, biodanza, sound bath and self-massage; to children's activities on the farm, with summer camps, English in the garden, workshops with the agronomist and encounters to approach the world of dogs.
Without forgetting trekking immersed in nature to discover the hills of Lastra a Signa, with dog walks, listening to and recognizing the song of birds or the footprints of wild animals. There is also space for herbalist workshops, theater in nature and visits to the apiary: to understand a fundamental piece of the ecosystem in which we live.

On Thursday Talk & Taste: here we will talk about agriculture and community, between tastings and presentations. To get to know the people Bucolica collaborates with; small producers, colleagues who carry on an idea of farming with the same attention to nature and the social dimension. It starts on Thursday 19 May with the presentation of the Bucolica Summer Camp together with Centro Allenamente, the Daimon Association, Pippolo Music School and Helen Doron Lastra a Signa.
Thursday 26 May instead it will be the turn of the beer made by the Rasinia Agricultural Brewery with Ancient Grains grown in the Bucolica land.

The collaborations this year are many. the cultural activities program of the first two months of Open Farm - this is the name of the Bucolica billboard - is organized in collaboration with the Daimon Association, Centro Allenamente, Danzeassud, Francesco Magnelli, Helen Doron Lastra a Signa, Il Segno di Fido and the dog educator Sara Virga, Anemone Laboratory, Gabriele Scollo, the environmental guides Serena Conforte and Sara Giovannoni, the Pippolo Music School, all the producers, musicians and teachers of the various associations.

For the opening on Wednesday 18 May "Dinner with Geneva and Margherita": a tribute to Margherita Hack in the year of her centenary, in the company of Ginevra Di Marco, Francesco Magnelli and Andrea Salvadori, artists who shared with the famous astrophysics the show "The soul of the earth seen from the stars", for years around Italy. For the occasion, the homonymous docufilm freely inspired by the show will be screened (info and event reservations 366 9793632).

The third season of Open Farm awaits you from May 18th, every week, from Wednesday to Sunday, from 4pm to midnight.
In the spaces of Bucolica there is also an agricultural shop, where you can buy the surpluses of agricultural production that are not consumed at the bar or at the restaurant. On sale the company's products such as ancient grain flour and beer, naturally dried pasta, honey, jams, eggs, hen's bottarga, ancient grain biscuits with oil and red wine, aromatic herbs, mead. A little reminder for when we go shopping every day.

At the "Agricultural Bar" there are agricultural products to drink and eat: from the same farm, from cellars in Lastra a Signa or from other small agricultural producers around Tuscany. The Spritz is made with a sour syrup of fennel and wild plums harvested in the Bucolica land, the sparkling wine comes from vineyards located in the nearby hill.
All cocktails are made with syrups, honey, liqueurs and botanicals grown in Bucolica. The small selection of natural wines is all local, from the municipality of Lastra a Signa, all less than 10 km away. At the club you will not find fries in bags but crispy chickpeas from the latest harvest, spicy sticks made with a recycled product such as ancient grain bran or in oil with olives and seared broad beans from the garden.

Instead of coca-cola, there are fresh infusions with medicinal herbs or fruit juices with apricots harvested a thousand meters from where they are consumed. The coffee is also roasted in Tuscany, after being purchased directly from a farm that manages a plantation in Honduras in a socially responsible manner.

The schiacciate are made with ancient grains grown in the company's fields and are stuffed with IGP cold cuts, cheeses from farm dairies and vegetables from the garden. Also available are cold dishes for a light dinner, cutting boards, first courses with fresh homemade pasta, vegetables of the month, desserts with honey and fruit jams produced by the company.
“There are no chefs in the kitchen, we will try to make you feel the flavor of the raw materials in the most sincere, simple and natural way possible - remember Riccardo and Filippo Zammarchi -“ we have selected wines produced at a maximum distance of 6km from here. The cheeses come from agricultural dairies, made by families of shepherds who raise their animals directly and transform only their own milk. The pigs with which the cured meats are made come from free-range farms and from some Slow Food presidia. From the Chianti, the Mugello, the Amiata, the Florentine plain, the Val di Sieve and the Balze Volterrane. Last season 4000 people came to visit us and consumed a ton and a half of food produced by us in a natural way within a radius of 100 meters, 1000 liters of wine and 400 kg of cheeses and cured meats from small local producers. We like the idea of having helped to create, in our small way, an induced able to enhance what we believe in ".

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Reservations: +39 366 9793632 Reservations: +39 366 9793632

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