Burger King inauguration

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Address: via G.B. Foggini 2 , Florence

Date: Saturday 08 December 2018



The king of the burgers lands to conquer the Isolotto. Saturday 8 inauguration event with host Sebastian Gazzarrini

The grills are heated to open the new Burger King in Via GB Foggini 2! From this week in fact the unmistakable taste of the hamburger restaurant par excellence has a new home. After Piazza Alberti, the SM Novella station and Ponte a Ema, Burger King also arrives to conquer the Isolotto. The new restaurant, which will officially open the doors on Saturday 8 December, will rise in front of the Tramvia T1 Federiga stop. A strategic choice that will allow you to leave your vehicle at home and move with public transport, and that is part of the redevelopment project of the former Inps building.


The opening will be celebrated with a special inaugural event on Saturday 8th December 17th at 7pm. Special guest: the Iena Sebastian Gazzarrini! Who is it? Born in Florence in 1992, Sebastian begins his journey on the web casually due to a delayed train that will unleash in him the desire to film and start publishing on social networks videos in which he jokes on current topics.
In 2014 he began working in the regional television broadcaster Teleregione Toscana in the role of conductor and author of a program totally based on the web and the social networks created by him. Here he really realizes what he wants to do: bring on television any madness you can do having only an idea and a mobile phone.
In 2015 he understands that his vocation is the art of disturbing and embarrassing people and characters in the entertainment world, and then begins to infiltrate any event in which he can meet, disturb and film any type of public figure, even if the his favorite victims are the singers. After tens of videos and millions of views on social networks, confirming his talent, he lands in Le Iene, on Italia 1, where he becomes the undisputed king of actresses and celebrities.


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