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Address: Caffè degli artigiani via dello sprone 16r

Date: Thursday 4 January 21:00 - 23:00


Archidiario is a project for words and images by Sandro Bini.
The project investigates the complex relationship between photography, memory and writing.
# 1
The Archidiary is a selection and a deposit, an abbreviation for words and images.
Its logic is the recovery, the flow, the archelogy of the gaze.
The images have no place and date but are more or less distant.
What drives is the present, a feeling of openness and wandering.
Words are new or come from things written in the past.
Its meaning could be cathartic, liberating ...
But we do not know yet.
The Archidiary is a bow stretched between present and past. A flow that wonders about photography, memory and oblivion.
Images are sensory arrows ... they can hurt. The words - old and new - try in vain to rethink them. But it is you with your eyes that animate them.

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