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Address: Camelot 3.0 Via Santo Stefano 20/22

Date: Friday 12 January 22:00 - 01:00


/// FRIDAY 12 JANUARY 2018 \
Mother Island in concert at Camelot 3.0
via Santo Stefano 20, Prato

Mother Island is a surreal, bizarre and moody place where six musicians re-emerge their primordial influences. Mother Island is "A Magic Theater, Only For Crazy". Mother Island is all in the eye of the beholder.

Combo project in Vicenza that unites members of The Secret (Southern Lord Recordings, US), Whales and Aurora (Slowburn Records, UK - Red Sound Records, IT), Oslow, CSCH (Ammonia Records, IT), Godless Crusade (Thirty Days of Night) Records, UK) and Vertical (Dischi Sotterranei, IT). Their sound has been described as "the torrid heat of the Westcoastian psychedelic filtered by a lysergic British fog"; in fact, in the project the primordial influences of each member end, synthesized through a personal reinterpretation of the visionary rock of the 60s.
In February 2014 Mother Island enter the Outside Inside Studio by Matt Bordin (Mojomatics, Omega Team) for the recording of the first full-length album, Cosmic Pyre: 12 tracks recorded entirely in analogue, released in January 2015, on vinyl, from Go Down Records. In December 2015 the band returns to the studio of Matt Bordin to record the second album, Wet Moon, which will be released in October 2016 by Go Down Records.

On October 14, Mother Island's second album, entitled Wet Moon, was released.
The band from Vicenza, which last year stood out thanks to the excellent debut with Cosmic Pyre, also released for Go Down Records, returns with a record recorded by Matt Bordin (SquadrOmega / The Mojomatics) that marks a turning point in the psychedelic path of the group and an approach to sounds and pop compositions.

An album that alternates very strong ballads, in which the voice scratches and carries the guitars that may have been recorded by bands like Allah Las or Growlers, at moments darker and psychedelic, like the cathartic and release La Danse Macabre.

Mother Island is defined as melancholy and their music exalts its moods like the full moon reflecting on the water: this explains the title of the album, the result of a dissolute night spent wandering through the canals after a concert in Venice. A stream of consciousness that exudes lysergic experiences and inner journeys, in which the voice of Anita Formilan exorcises demons and specters of a black imaginary à la Velvet Underground. The sound that comes out however is warm and enveloping, alluring and sensual, thanks also to the production work of Matt Bordin, which used only analog instruments and a 24-track Studer recorder.


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