Inauguration Party

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Address: Piazza Ghiberti 20/21 rosso , Florence

Date: Thursday 31 January 2019


Thursday, January 31st
from 7.00 pm onwards
Inauguration Party
of "Casa della Nella"
Coinciding with the presentation by the actor
"Gianmarco Tognazzi"
who as a guest of honor of the evening will present his wines
"LA Tognazza"

What inspires the In (the learned ones would say the 'Core businesse) are: the Fiorentinità in all his clothes (vernacular, music, cinema), traditional cuisine and above all our SIMPLICITY'. We are not and never will be Masterchef: la Nella is humble and old-fashioned and her house is open to everyone: to the learned, as to the people. But you eat well !! Know this.
In this regard: do you eat? So in the first place it is necessary to say that we eat MEAT and FISH and STREET FUDDE which is now so fashionable. In the second place and we want to underline that our Florentine chef docche (the word chef leaves it to others!) As well as Nella's husband, Massimo, proposes ITALIAN cuisine loved by all and traditional Florentine dishes that one can find more around: duck , rabbit, pheasant. In addition he does everything himself: from sauces to artisan ice cream. How does he give it a mystery, but to have put on the Nella and he is a must for real! Bonaaaa

- Casa della Nella - Piazza Ghiberti 21 - Florence

Info and reservations

Simone 347 2659882


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