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Address: Viale della Repubblica, 277, Prato

Date: Tuesday 3 December 18:30 - 20:30


Gianrico Carofiglio in dialogue with Cristiana Perrella presents his latest book "La misura del tempo".

Pecci Books is the review dedicated to the new editorial issues and authors who question our present. Tuesday, December 3, at 6.30 pm, Gianrico Carofiglio will be with us to talk with the director of the Centro Pecci, Cristiana Perrella, about her most fortunate character: the lawyer Guido Guerrieri.

Gianrico Carofiglio has written short stories, novels, essays. His books, always at the top of the best seller charts, are translated all over the world. He created the hugely popular character of the lawyer Guido Guerrieri. For Einaudi editor he wrote the story "The double life of Natalia Blum" collected in the anthology "Italian Crimes" (Freestyle 2008), "Cocaine", with Massimo Carlotto and Giancarlo De Cataldo (Freestyle 2013 and and Super ET 2014), "A changing truth" (Freestyle 2014, Super ET 2016 and Super ET 2018, Premio Scerbanenco), "The rule of balance" (Freestyle 2014, Super ET 2016 and Super ET 2018), "Night Passengers" (Freestyle 2016 and Super ET 2017), "L'estate lodging" (Freestyle 2016 and Super ET 2018), "Three in the morning" (Freestyle 2017 and Super ET 2019), "Fenoglio's version" (Freestyle 2019) and The measurement of time (2019).

In 2016 he was awarded the Vittorio De Sica Prize for Literature and the Special Career Award of the XVII edition of the Castelfiorentino Literary Prize for Poetry and Fiction.


"The measure of time"
Many years before, Lorenza was a beautiful and unbearable girl with a dazzling charm. The woman that Guido Guerrieri is facing in the studio one afternoon in late winter does not look like her. She has nothing of the luster then, she has become a dull woman. The years have raged on her and, to make matters worse, her son Iacopo is in jail for voluntary homicide. Guido is far from convinced, but he accepts the case anyway; perhaps also to make a melancholy tribute to ghosts, to the lost privileges of youth. Thus begins, almost unwillingly, a procedural challenge full of twists and turns, an exciting journey into the depths of justice, insidious and sometimes lethal. A masterful novel. An inexorable and full of compassion writing, in balance between the judicial story - the purest distillate of the human story - and the sad notes of the time that it spends and is consumed.

«Over time some places in the city remind me more and more of intense sensations and fantasies of the remote past. An age of wonder. Here, some places in the city make me feel nostalgic for wonder. Being stunned by the force of something. I would love it if it happened again ».


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