The faithful man - L'homme fidèle

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Address: Viale della Repubblica, 277, Prato

Date: Thursday 18 April 20:00 - Tuesday 23 April 19:15


(Fra, 2018; 78 '; vers.orig.sott. And by Louis Garrel, with Louis Garrel, Laetitia Casta, Lily-Rose Depp

Thursday 18 April at 20.00 -
Friday 19 April 6.00pm - and 9.15pm - vers.orig.sott
Saturday 20 April 6.30 pm - vers.orig.sott and 21.45 April -
Sunday 21st April 11.00 am - vers.orig.sott, 6.30 pm - and at 9.45 pm - vers.orig.sott
Monday, April 22 at 16.30 and at 20.00 - vers.orig.sott
Tuesday 23 April at 6.00 pm - vers.orig.sott and 9.15 pm -

Full 6 euros
Reduced 4.50 euros

Eight years after leaving, Abel and Marianne meet again at Paul's funeral, his best friend. This tragic event actually turns out to be a good omen: Abel and Marianne return together. In doing so, however, they arouse the jealousy of Joseph, the son of Marianne, and above all of Eve, Paul's sister who has always been secretly in love with Abel.

"He is the son of actress Brigitte Sy and director Philippe, one of the last heirs of the Nouvelle Vague. He grew up in a house full of strong women and famous authors. From an early age he saw good films and listened to interesting speeches. to the list of his companions, from Valeria Bruni Tedeschi to Laetitia Casta, it cannot be denied that he is lucky in love In Rome, where he presented The faithful man, of whom he is the director and performer, he staged a wise body to body with the Italian language. Result? Between winking smiles and lost looks, he gained everyone's sympathy. What is missing from Louis Garrel? Nothing. Even his film is a successful comedy, in the sign of Truffaut, never ambitious, always fun. " (Fulvia Caprara, 'La Stampa', 11 April 2019)

"At Louis Garrel the love triangles, at least on the big screen, must like a lot ': not only the first film that launched his international career was The Dreamers, by Bertolucci, in which he and his sister Eva Green seduced the American student Michael Pitt to start a liaison to say the least dangereuse. Also his first film as a director, Two Friends, was about the couple of the title committed to playing the sympathies of the protagonist, a girl on probation. now presented at the San Sebastian festival her second film in which she appears behind and in front of the camera, entitled Un homme fidèle, in which Abel is a journalist who is abandoned in the first scene by his girlfriend (Laetitia Casta) because she tells him to wait for a child from Paul, of which he is a close friend from the beginning of the university, but when Paul dies nine years later (but five minutes after the film starts), Abel wonders if he should come back and with the woman he loved, while he does not know that the sister of the deceased (Lily Rose-Depp) has a crush on him as a young girl.

The film is a funny comedy but with a bitter aftertaste, divinely written by Garrel with the old fox of the script Jean-Claude Carriere, who invites us to reflect on the wavering trend of feelings, which come and go, perhaps depending on the opportunities that life it gives us, or they remain indelible until they are really put to the test. But it is also a brilliant reflection on the consequences of jealousy in the couple, which in this case is very open, and on the importance of chance on love, a subject that many mistakenly associate with destiny. With Abel-Garrel, a faithful man of the title, despite himself in the midst of the desire of two women "(Marco Consoli,

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