Presentation of the book "The art in the clay" by Francesco Bonami

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Address: Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci Viale della Repubblica, 277

Date: Monday 18 September 18:00 - 20:00


On Monday, September 18, at 6pm, Luigi Pecci's Center for Contemporary Art will present the new book by Francesco Bonami: The art in the clay.
The secretary general of the International Biennial of Antiquities at Palazzo Corsini in Florence, Fabrizio Moretti and the director of the Pecci Center Fabio Cavallucci will discuss with the author. The occasion of the presence of the strange couple Bonami-Moretti - the first one among the most important contemporary curators, the second famous international antique dealer with interests in contemporary art - is also due to the fact that after a few days it will be in Piazza della Signoria in Florence, painted by Urs Fisher in two candlelight monuments that will melt slowly: emblems of the vanity of human glory?

As for the book, presented on occasion, Francesco Bonami's last effort, the Center Pecci had already seen some sort of introduction when the author was about to start writing it in 2015. This is a timetable for the development of contemporary art , which Bonami argues provocatively has reached its end.
Contemporary art began in 1917 with Marcel Duchamp's upside-down fountain (Fontana). Today, at exactly a century of distance, he came to the end of his journey with America, Mauricio Cattelan's 18-carat gold clay exposed in autumn 2016 at the Guggenheim of New York where he can not only admire but even use. In these hundred years, Bonami writes with the classic irony that characterizes him, we have really seen everything from artists who, in the wake of Duchamp, exhibit an object, who proposes a concept to those who show a project, ie words, drawings, graphics which are presented as works of art but at the moment are simple assumptions waiting to be realized. They all share the intent of surprise.
Through a series of tales and reflections, Bonami explains in his book why today's art is no longer just ideas and why, provocation after provocation, contemporaneity has exhausted its power to astonish. Art, to return to being useful, must find the ability to invent and narrate stories, recovering that essential cocktail of ingenuity and genius that is at the basis of human creativity. "Here is the fate of art. Let us enter a story, let us start a journey without having to move. "

Francesco Bonami was senior curator from 1999 to 2008 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, director of the 50th edition of the International Art Exhibition in Venice in 2003. The critic of Florentine origins, is a member of the sui generis work: active disseminationist a contemporary, prolific writer, with an allergy to "orthodox" academy and a great quality, irony. In fact, three of his lucky volumes devoted to scaring the commonplace on contemporary art are intuitively I could do it myself, after all it is not bad and I want to make the artist! Instructions to avoid disappointment.

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