Queer Tour guided tour with Porpora Marcasciano and Liana Borghi

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Address: Viale della Repubblica, 277, Prato

Date: Saturday 2 March 18:00 - 21:00


Queer tour in collaboration with IREOS self-managed queer community

A visit to the exhibition "Nomadic subject" with two exceptional guides, Liana Borghi and Porpora Marcasciano, to reflect on the transit of identities through the story of personal experiences and critical thinking that flows from the images on display.

Both witnesses protagonists of the years represented by the photographs in the exhibition, Liana and Porpora have not stopped to cross feminism and queer themes with their own thought and with the action of continuous and daily militancy. The reflection on these issues is still today one of the areas of debate privileged for the necessary cultural achievements. The idea of gender nomadism is a very useful device to dismantle the dominant discourse, to reveal practices of discrimination and oppression, to define new, more comprehensive categories and to determine new rights. In this regard, the collaboration between the institutional reality of the Pecci Center and the world of associations wants to be courageous and innovative, and use dialogue as a precious element to bridge distances and create networks of unprecedented experiences useful to continue on the nomads and plural ways of conquests social and cultural.

IREOS community self-managed queer is a voluntary association that operates in the promotion of health, culture and the rights of the Queer Community, gay, lesbian, transgender, transsexual, bisexual, intersexual. It is a service center with a Consultorio della Salute, in which consultancy, self-help groups, gestalt orientation, counseling, and where HIV testing is possible have been offered for over twenty years. It organizes the Florence Queer Festival, an international festival of cinema and art with a gay, lesbian and trangender theme, in which the VideoQueer, a short film competition with a queer theme, is inserted. It carries out interventions in schools, training courses, workshops and conventions, as well as exhibitions, parties, dinners and other recreational activities. He is one of the founding associations of the Tuscany Pride Committee, of which he was the spokesperson for the first Pride in Florence in 2016.

Liana Borghi was a researcher of Anglo-American literature at the University of Florence, and a reference point for the University of ATHENA, the European thematic network Socrates of women's studies; is a founding member of the Italian Society of Literature (SIL), and a member of the Il Giardino dei Ciliegi association of Florence. Extensively dealing with gender intercultural and women's writing, she has worked and published on 19th century social ethics, female travelers, American Jewish writers, fiction and lesbian theory, and has translated texts by Kate Chopin, Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde and Haraway woman. With Marco Pustianaz he directs the 'àltera' necklace for the ETS publisher in Pisa.

Porpora Marcasciano is honorary president of MIT (Movimento Identità Trans), of which she was founder and activist since the seventies. He also holds the position of vice president of the ONIG (National Observatory of Gender Identity). Graduated in sociology, she has realized and coordinated various research on the theme of transsexualism and gender identity, especially in the historical field, producing publications and essays. He is in charge of the ASL / MIT Consultory which is among the main Italian specialist centers. He devised and developed the harm reduction strategy in the world of prostitution, coordinating the specific project of the Municipality of Bologna and the Emilia Romagna Region since 1997 and is a consultant on issues related to the trans experience of several Italian projects. He carries out training activities at institutions and institutes. Since 2008 he has directed Divergents Festival del Cinema Trans, among the main specialized cinema shows in Europe, he is responsible for the collection of oral sources and documentation for the reconstruction of a trans history and has published numerous books on the subject.

"Nomadic subject" collects for the first time in an exhibition the shots of five Italian photographers made between the mid-sixties and the eighties, returning from different angles the way in which the female subjectivity is lived, represented, interpreted in a period of great social change for Italy. A reflection on the identity and its representation that starts from the extraordinary portraits of the transvestites of Genoa by Lisetta Carmi, where femininity is an aspiration, and declines through the images of actresses, writers and artists of Elisabetta Catalano, the shots on the feminist movement of Paola Agosti, the women and girls of a Sicily disfigured by the Letizia Battaglia mafia and finally the men who for a day take on the female identity in the carnival of small towns in Campania explored by Marialba Russo.

Saturday 2 March at 18.00

Free guided tour at the entrance ticket price

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